Flower Essences Used in
Colorado Wild Animal Rehabilitation Program

In August, 2000, FES donated some flower essences commonly used with animal issues to Wildkind, the wildlife rehabilitation facility of the Larimer County Humane Society in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Established in 1988 to provide care to injured, ill, or orphaned wild animals until they are able to be released back into the wild, Wildkind had already been using homeopathic remedies.  Upon receipt of the donation, they were able to add flower essences on a much larger scale than before.

Sarah Breuilly, the Wildkind program manager, began submitting cases almost immediately, revealing the effectiveness of flower essences in animal rescue treatments.  "Things are going absolutely wonderfully," she reported.  "Our Animal Protection and Control Officers have begun using the remedies and are absolutely fascinated with what they are seeing. I have been using the remedies quite liberally and have had some miraculous things occur.  Thank you so very much!"

Sarah said the essences are now used with all of the animals, and all of the animals receive the Five Flower Formula daily. Other cases are determined by their emotional needs. "We also use the Five Flower Formula as a room freshener--it seems to help eliminate bad smells."

"My healing philosophy is based on the belief that 'Natural is Better' for wildlife," Sarah explained. "I do not keep any educational animals. If an animal cannot be rehabilitated to the point that it can survive in the wild again, it is euthanized. The essences work wonderfully because they have no ill side-effects and can be administered rather non-invasively."

Some of the most recent cases are as follows:

Case # 1;  9/2/00

Animal:  Juvenile Fox Squirrel, Male,  10 weeks of age.

Case Summary: The baby squirrel fell 8-10 feet from its nest in a tree and landed onto a paved sidewalk. Citizens found the squirrel and had it picked up by Animal Protection and Control. The squirrel arrived at Wildkind two hours following his fall.

Initial examination: The squirrel had bleeding from the nose, exhibited a protruding tongue, and swelling around his left eye. His paws were curled inward as consistent with closed head injuries. Squirrel was lethargic.

Remedy Given: Arnica diluted in water.  "I chose Arnica for its medicinal qualities," Sarah said, "as it helps to ease shock, trauma, etc.  I administered the Arnica with a dropper just one drop at a time."

Time Administered: 3 PM

Changes in Animal's Condition:  By 3:30 PM the bleeding from the nose ceased. No additional swelling.  At 5 PM the tongue no longer protruded. Curling of paws has relaxed. Swelling has gone down. At 7:30 PM the squirrel is active. Eats well. Swelling almost completely gone around left eye.

Case Follow-up: Squirrel will remain in rehabilitation until he is of appropriate age to be released. His appetite is good and he does not suffer any neurological problems.

CASE # 2;   9/5/00

Animal: A 6-year-old neutered male dog (mixed breed).

Case Summary: Animal Protection and Control officers responded to a residence to take custody of a dog whose owner had recently died. Upon arrival the officer noted that the dog was cowering in a corner and snapped and/or bit at anyone who approached it.

Remedy Given: Five Flower Formula; remedy was diluted in water and squirted at the dog, hitting it in the mouth/nose area.

Change in Animal's Condition: Within 5 minutes after the remedy was given the dog became approachable.  The officer was able to collar and leash him and lead him into the van.

Case Follow-up: The dog was given Bleeding Heart for three consecutive days while at the shelter to assist him in coping with the loss of his owner, and assist him in dealing with new surroundings. The dog has since been adopted into a new home and is reportedly doing well.

CASE # 3; 9/17/00

Animal: An adult male raccoon.

Case Summary:  Raccoon was hit by a speeding car.  Upon arrival he was lethargic, there was blood in his urine, and a laceration to his left hip.

Remedy Given:  Love Lies Bleeding diluted in water.  Administered by dropper.  "I chose this essence because I believed he would not live," Sarah explained.  "I believed the essence would aide him in passing comfortably."

Change in Animal's Condition: The animal was left overnight--in the morning he was more alert and responsive to stimuli.  Raccoon is still recovering.

Case Follow-up/Update 10/10/00:  "He is doing wonderfully and will be going out into an outdoor enclosure next week."

CASE # 4; 9/24/00

Animal:  Domestic long hair cat, female, approximately 3-4 years old.

Case Summary: Cat was in labor. Two kittens had been delivered. Cat made no attempt to either clean or nurse the kittens.

Remedy Given:  Walnut diluted in water, administered by dropper.

Time Administered:  2:35 PM

Change in Animal's Condition:  At 3:15 PM the cat had cleaned kittens and was still in labor.

Case Follow-up:  The cat delivered four healthy kittens. Walnut was given every two hours through labor and given daily in drinking water for two days following.

The cat and her kittens are currently in Foster Care and are reportedly doing well.

Update 10/10/00:  The feline mom is doing well and has been adopted.

CASE # 5;   9/20/00

Animal:  Adult female African Gray Parrot approximately 15-years-old.

Case Summary:  Oscar was surrendered by her owner (the third owner in her life) on September 20th. Oscar had picked most of her feathers and had obviously not been receiving enough attention.

Remedy Given:  Originally given one dose of Walnut diluted in water to assist her in coping with the loss of owner number three. Oscar was misted with Five Flower Formula and water at least twice daily. She was also given Red Clover diluted in her water as needed when she became agitated or stressed with her surroundings.

Case Follow-up:   "I have adopted Oscar and she goes to work with me every day to fill her need for attention," Sarah reported.  "Oscar has ceased feather picking and is looking more beautiful each day. She has adjusted to her new owner and lifestyle very well."

CASE # 6;  9/22/00

Animal:  Adult, neutered, male, Pot Belly Pig, approximately 3 years of age.

Case Summary:  The animal was surrendered by his owner, who claimed the pig snapped at adults and children.  "He was depressed the first few days at the shelter and snapped at me a number of times out of fear,"  Sarah said.

Remedy Given: Walnut in his drinking water for the three days he exhibited depression, to help him adapt to his new surroundings and assist him in the loss of his owner.  He was given Mimulus in his water when he appeared to be fearful or agitated of volunteers and staff.

Case Follow-up:  The pig has adapted well to life in Wildkind. He has ceased to exhibit "fear snapping" and no longer seems depressed. He is awaiting placement in a caring home.

CASE # 7;  9/26/00

Animal:  Adult Flicker (AKA Woodpecker)

Case Summary:  The flicker came to us after losing his left leg. He was in shock, had lost a serious amount of blood, and appeared lethargic.

Remedy Given: An initial dose of Arnica diluted with water was given upon the flicker's arrival. He was then given Self Heal for 10 consecutive days to assist with healing. On Days 11 and 12 he was given Cosmos to assist with learning to better use his one remaining leg (training).

Case Follow-up: The flicker was released back into the wild on Day 15. He was able to use his one remaining leg very successfully and had made a full recovery.

CASE # 8;  10/1/00

Animal: Cheyenne, a two year old female Rottweiler.

Case Summary: Cheyenne was surrendered by her owner on October 1st. After a few days at the shelter, Cheyenne developed a high fever and diarrhea. Cheyenne was put on antibiotics for ten days. Cheyenne's fever ceased but she continued to suffer from the diarrhea.

Remedy Given: Cheyenne's staff assessed that the continued diarrhea was the result of the nervousness and stress Cheyenne was subject to at the shelter. Two drops of Five Flower Formula were put in Cheyenne's drinking water every day.

Case Follow-up: Cheyenne's diarrhea has completely ceased. Cheyenne also exhibits less nervousness and has been moved into the adoption area in hope that she finds a good home.

CASE # 9;  10/1/00

Animal: Rumford, a one-year-old male Lop Bunny with a leg injury.

Case Summary: Rumford was surrendered by his former owner who could not afford to have his leg fixed. Rumford's leg injury was old and the vet did not feel surgery would be beneficial. The staff decided on acupuncture and physical therapy as a better option.

Remedy Given: Rumford has been receiving Self Heal in his water on days that he receives his acupuncture and physical therapy.

Case Follow-up:  Rumford has been living with a foster family that reports that he is improving and is demonstrating better use of his injured leg. Rumford is still receiving treatment at this time. We are optimistic that he will regain enough use of his leg that he can go on to live a happy and more comfortable life.

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