Whole by Josep-Manel Princep


The poem below, written by Josep-Manel Príncep (Barcelona, Spain), was inspired by using Chrysanthmum flower essence at the time of a loved one's death—


Josep-Manel Príncep (Barcelona, Spain) discovered the benefits of flower essences and their effects on people after a difficult personal crisis. From then on, he pursued his developing interest in various types of vibrational therapies. He began his flower essence training with the GAIA centre in Barcelona, lead by Ricardo Mateos and Begoña Arias.

Josep-Manel also is certified as a practicioner in NLPt (Neuro-Linguist Programming) and at present is studying to get a Masters degree in NLPt.

After 13 years working at a telecommunications multinational company, he decided to quit his job and devote himself fully to flower essence therapy.

Josep-Manel serves as a volunteer flower essence therapist for ATAGAM (Associació Trastorns d'Ansietat, Grups d'Ajuda Mútua), whose main objective is to help people with chronic disorders such as anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, panic, social phobias and obsessions. Visit his website.

Translated by Ricardo Mateos from the original Spanish version.



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