Research Activities

Research Activities


FES Research Essence Program

For FES members: botanical descriptions and  initial therapeutic indications for the Range of Light essences just out of research

Five Clinical Studies Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Flower Essence Therapy in the Treatment of Depression
Published in Calix; International Journal of Flower Essence Therapy, Volume 1, Flower Essence Society

Overview of
Flower Essence Clinical Research Methods

Practitioner Reports
Interviews and articles
by leading flower essences practitioners

Case Study Guidelines Suggestions for keeping your own case records
Reporting Form

An on-line form for reporting your experiences with flower essences

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In-Depth Case Studies

Long-term studies from
our practitioner certification program

Scientific Studies
monitoring flower essences in controlled situations

Botanical Plant Studies observations and insights about the qualities of flower essence plants

The Flower Essence Society recognizes the importance of establishing a solid foundation of research for the development of flower essence therapy.

The first aspect of flower essence research involves field study of the essence plants themselves. We consider botanical relationships, form and gesture, growth patterns, color, fragrance, environment, biochemical constituents, medicinal and herbal uses, as well as our own meditative attunement, to determine the qualities of the flower essences.

Secondly, we compile case studies and practitioner reports of the clinical use of essences which allows us to verify and refine our initial definitions. These studies include in-depth longitudinal cases backed by detailed practitioner documentation. Only after extensive corroboration of an essence's qualities through case reports, are those qualities published in our public literature.

In addition, the Flower Essence Society sponsors and assists controlled scientific studies on flower essence therapy.

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