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FES Professional Course
Curriculum Overview


The FES Professional Course
will generally include the following topics—

The philosophical basis for flower essence therapy:
A path of soul alchemy

Our approach to flower essence therapy emphasizes the human soul, that aspect of our experience which balances and integrates the physical and spiritual realms. It is through our soul work that we embody the spirit, and we ensoul the body.

Flower essence therapy based on soul work can uplift those caught in the extreme materialism of allopathy, which sees the human being as a bio-chemical mechanism. It can also give grounding to those who lack a healthy relationship with their bodies, with social community, and with nature, and instead rely on overly intellectual, psychic, or narrowly spiritual approaches.

Thus, while flower essence therapy combines well with other healing modalities, it has unique characteristics which distinguish it from allopathic and complementary medicine including pharmaceutical psychiatry, herbalism, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and conventional psychotherapy. In the class we will explore the similarities as well as differences of flower essence therapy compared to these other health modalities, with an appreciation for the unique characteristics of this path of soul alchemy.

Your professional training course imparts an unparalleled understanding of the human soul and the soul of plants. I highly value the Metaflora Soul Map for its in-depth insight into healing and its practical tools for client assessment and essence selection.

— Rosana Souto, certified teacher,
Instituto Cosmos de Terapia Floral,
Campinas, Brazil

Flower essence selection:
theory and practice

The ability to select the most appropriate flower essences is a key skill for flower essence practitioners. Through our experience and research we have determined that there is no single correct selection for a given situation; rather there are more or less several effective selections. What makes an effective selection, and what is the process by which we can arrive at choices and strategies for flower essence therapy? Besides gaining a thorough knowledge of the essences themselves, the most important skills are communication with one's client and learning to appreciate the significant soul gestures that can be correlated with flower essences. You will have an opportunity to practice listening, questioning, and case-taking skills with a partner, along with guidance on how to select archetypal remedies that are truly effective.

Principles of flower essence combining

Flower essences are like musical tones which resonate with the sensitive strings of the soul. When we combine flower essences, what are the principles that allow us to harmonize several tones into a healing chord, or to manifest a creative dissonance which will stimulate awareness and soul growth? We will present some basic principles of flower essence combining: affinity, polarity, calibration, separation, and synthesis; and give examples of combinations based on geometric structures, such as the trine, the cross, or the powerful pentagram of Dr. Bach's emergency formula. Further consideration will be given to thematic considerations in formulating, such as color, botanical signature or environmental context.

Patricia Kaminski teaching in the classroom

Reading the language of Nature:
Flower essence plant profiles

It is important for flower essence therapists to know the qualities of the plants from which the essences are made. Flower essences are a communication from the soul of Nature to the human soul. Plants express healing qualities through their forms, colors, aromas, growth patterns, relationship to their environmental and elemental forces. We gain further insight by studying their botanical relationships, herbal and medicinal properties and lore. Our goal is to help you establish a living connection with the healing power of plants as expressions of natural forces. By creating a context for appreciating flower essences, you will be able to use them with greater sensitivity and intention in your healing practice.

We will select key flowers from the FES North American essences and the English essences of Dr. Edward Bach to profile through color slides, plant specimens, and nature walks. The classification system of botanical plant families will be a powerful lens through which to view the relationship of plant qualities and flower essence indications. Each participant will be guided to investigate one plant in-depth, learning to sharpen both the sense of perception as well as the imagination.

See plant studies done by students of the FES Course

The plant study also gave me a sense of connection to and grounding in the plant world that I did not have before. When the plants start to speak to us in through our involved observation and understanding— and there is no end in what they have to tell— the universe around us becomes alive in a way that it wasn’t before.

I also think that observing plants through the 12 windows of plant perception is a good training to learn to observe our clients. After all, the match between the plant gesture and the human gesture is the ideal we strive for in our practice.

I have found this process of plant study so enriching that I am continuing it on my own and try to do one in-depth plant study a year, just for myself.

Barbara Schuster, Ottawa, Canada

Therapeutic principles
illustrated by case studies

The principles of flower essence therapy will be illustrated by citing case studies collected by the Flower Essence Society. Our emphasis is on the potential for long-term change beyond the initial experience of release or palliation of symptoms. These further stages involve an awakening and recognition of soul issues, reconciliation of conflicts and polarities, and finally a renewal of purpose and vitality. While not every therapeutic journey can traverse through all of these stages, it is necessary that practitioners have a vision of the full healing potentials that can be reached through flower essence therapy.


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