FES Practitioner Certification Program

The FES Certification Program is offered as a post-course option for all participants who complete the FES Professional Course. The case documentation process is an opportunity to develop enhanced perception and assessment of your clients’ experiences with flower essence therapy. This program is intended to add depth, documentation skills and objective professionalism to your healing approach as a flower essence therapist.

Step 1

Attendance and participation in the major segments of the FES Professional Course, including completion of all written and artistic projects.

Step 2

Completion of the optional Plant Study, which is introduced during the Professional Course and completed after the program.

The Plant Study is due two months after the completion of the course, unless there is a written request for a specific extension of time.
All participants who submit a plant study will receive acknowledgment and commentary about the study. There is no further fee required to submit the study.

After submitting the plant study, those who indicate an interest in the Certification Program will receive detailed instructions about the certification procedure.

I am really enjoying the plant study; the entire process has gotten me being creative again. I am grateful. I had been so stuck for so long. Thank you!

Megan Radant, WV

Step 3

Participation in the optional Certification Program, generally lasting six months to one year, involving the following components:

Three in-depth case studies, with client documentation and practitioner commentary, according to the criteria outlined in the certification materials.

Archetypal Character Study – A paper devoted to a public personality, artistic or literary character, discussing key qualities and phenomena that reflect the archetypal attributes of a particular flower essence.

A reading fee of US $300, payable when the case materials are submitted for review.

The deadline for submitting the certification materials is one year following the deadline for the submission of the plant study. However, time extensions can be granted if the participant makes a written request proposing a new specific deadline.
Step 4

Following completion of the Certification Program: After your certification work is complete, Patricia Kaminski or Richard Katz will personally review and discuss your case work through a telephone consultation or optional in-person interview. Upon successful completion of the certification program, participants receive a handsome certificate from the Flower Essence Society, and are invited to register as certified practitioners in the FES Practitioner Referral Network.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to receive my certificate! I decided to devote my life to the work with flower essences. Becoming an FES certified practitioner not only will bring credit to my work, but also – and what is most important for me – the process was a great opportunity to know myself a lot better.
— Anete Effting, Blumenau, Brazil

...looking at each session and each case from many different angles, was a voyage of discovery.  What seemed daunting at first became a researcher’s tool of discovery. ...I found that the really important and deep insights came when I was doing the various write-ups after the sessions. One is dealing with a process consisting of three steps: being active and involved during the consultation, writing down one’s notes and seeing them reflected, then out of this dialogue new insight arises.
— Barbara Schuster, Sarsfield, Canada

The case study program has been enormously helpful for deepening my insights and professionalism. ... Work on all of my cases has helped to open my heart and increase my compassion for others. This is a priceless gift. I am proud of my affiliation with you. Thanks again for being a part of that!
— Autumn Sunshine Evans, Charlotte, NC

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