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This referral network is a service of the Flower Essence Society for its practitioner members. Listing in the network does not imply any endorsement or warranty by the Society of the suitability, training or expertise of the practitioners listed.

We make available to you the most accurate information we have to assist you in making your choice of a practitioner. Information provided is for your personal use only, to assist you in finding a flower essence practitioner. No commercial or professional use of these listings is permitted. Use of the Referral Network is monitored to prevent abuse. FES has the right to rescind access privileges to anyone who does not use the Referral Network according to the rules outlined.

See below for important instructions on how to use the search features of the Network.

The current FES Referral Network format may be further modified. Please let us know your experience with the Network and any suggestions for improvement. Send your comments to

If you are a flower essence practitioner and would like to be listed in the FES Referral Network, please fill out our application form.

How to use the FES Practitioner Referral Network

Please read carefully the following instructions!

To use this on-line search, select as many or as few search criteria as you need to find the practitioners in the geographic regions and/or practices and specialties that you seek. Then click on the “Find Practitioners” button. You will then see a list of up to seven practitioners who meet the criteria you have selected. If more than seven meet the criteria, then the first seven are listed with a message describing the total number possible. This limitation has been established to discourage misuse of the network list.

If you find that too many or too few practitioners were returned from your search, you have the option to return to this search page and broaden or narrow your search. Once you are satisfied with the listing, you may click on the name of the practitioner to view more detailed information.



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