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Flower Essence Portraits

A Sacred Tribute to Mariposa Lily by Elly van Ekelenburg
A New Understanding of Rock Water Flower Essence:
Reviving the Flow of Energy by Barbara Schuster
Spreading Phlox vs Heather –
Affinity vs emotional co-dependency by Rosana Souto
Profile of Fairy Lantern by Richard Katz
Self-Heal Photographic Essay by Richard Katz
Strength and Ordered Structure: Observing the Echinacea Plant
by Richard Katz
Water Virgin of the Desert:
Preparing the Desert Lily Flower Essence
The Monkeyflower Essences:
A Unique Genus of Plants Addressing a Wide Spectrum of Soul Fears
Understanding the Soul Signature of Joshua Tree
Mariposa Lily: A Foundational Remedy for Addiction
Holly - The Heart Healer
Family Healing—St. John's Wort as an Archetype
St. John's Wort
Magenta Mantle Formula— Helping to Heal the Land and Communities in Many Parts of the World
When You Wish Upon Aster
Using the Yarrow Environmental Solution for High Stress in Japan's Crowded Cities
Plant Studies
Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota)
Learning to Read the Book of Nature: Madia: A Flower Essence Plant Study
Plant Study: Common Rue by Anete Effting
Plant Study: Lotus

So John Told Me: A Spirit Plant Study by Patrick Warner

Plant study on Cosmos by Patricia Leslie
Mariposa Lily
Japanese Iris
Botanical Profile of the Joshua Tree
Impatiens, excerpt from Julian Barnard's book,
Bach Flower Remedies: Form & Function
White Yarrow
A Botanical Profile of Yerba Santa
Sunflower and Love-Lies-Bleeding:
A Study in Spiritual Surrender
Corn Lily Plant Study
Plant Study of Monkshood
Holly Plant Study
Plant Study of Showy Aster
Archetypal Character Studies
  An Archetypal Study of the Leading Light Formula and the Life of Moses
The Black Madonna and Black-Eyed Susan: From Darkness into Light
Trillium Flower Essence Qualities Illustrated by Herb and Dorothy Vogel
Ellie Arroway in the Movie “Contact,” Illustrating the Baby Blue Eyes Archetype
“The King's Speech” – Prince Albert, the Duke of York as the Larch Flower Essence Archetype by Mary Sheehan-Harris
When a Bee Hovers: Mata Amritanandamayi, the Splendid Mariposa Lily; an achetypal study by Jaime Stover Schmitt
An Archetypal Study of Jacques Lusseyran and Mountain Pride by Theresa Roach Melia
Dr. Gregory House, M.D.; A Caricature of Hound's Tongue by Lindsay Fauntleroy
Michael Jackson and Pretty Face

Flower Essence Archetypal Character Study: Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis silvatica) and Chico Xavier

Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis silvatica) e Chico Xavier

A Life of Grounded Idealism: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Flower Essence Archetypal Character Study: Yerba Santa
Yellow Star Tulip and Mr. Rogers—Ministering to Others
The Gesture of Maternal Embrace: The Archetype of Mariposa Lily in the Artwork of Mary Cassatt


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