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Complementary Modalities—Flower Essence Therapy and Acupuncture

Flower Essences; They Are All About Relationship - An e-book by Jane Ellen

Flower Essence Therapy Improves the Quality of Life for a Young Man with Autism

Update: Using Sound Healing and Flower Essence Therapy to Treat Autism Spectrum Disorders

Integrating Flower Essence Therapy and Homeopathy: Working at the Core Level of Wellness

Clinical Uses of the FloraFusions, Self-Heal Crème and Self-Heal Flower Essence

Utilizing Flower Essences for the Well-Being of Horses

Using Flower Essences as Plant Remedies: A Green Solution

An Archetypal Study of the Leading Light Formula and the Life of Moses

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Feature of the Online Repertory for Members

The Bach Flower Research Programme

Calix: International Journal of Flower Essence Therapy

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The FES Practitioner Referral Network On-Line

First Results of FES Depression Study published by International Journal of Healing and Caring

Range of Light Essence Profiles for FES Members






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