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Maria in March, 1997

Maria in December, 1997

The Light in Maria:

Using Flower Essences to Address
A Rare Nervous Disorder

A case study by Dr. Ernesto Bolio

Dr. Ernesto Bolio was a participant in our 1997 Practitioner Certification Program. We first heard about Maria as we led the class on a field trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. When we came upon a beautiful display of Shooting Star flowers growing in a meadow bog, Dr. Bolio was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. He had never seen the flower, but he had been amazed by its powerful effects in helping a young girl named Maria. We all listened spellbound and with tears in our eyes as Dr. Bolio told us the healing story of Maria. Dr. Bolio continued to work with Maria and submitted her full case for our certification program. What follows are summarized highlights from the in-depth therapeutic process, starting August 1996 through October 1997. Dr. Bolio still continues to work with Maria and we will provide an update in the future.

Dr. Ernesto Bolio lives in Mexico City, Mexico. He is a medical doctor, who graduated from the University of Mexico. Dr. Bolio has taught human behavior at the Instituto Panamericano for twenty-six years, and also specializes in psychotherapy, working especially in rehabilitation for alcohol and drug addiction.

Maria was five years old at the time her treatment began with Dr. Bolio and was almost seven years of age when the case was submitted to FES. She is the seventh child in a family of eight children. At infancy she was diagnosed with West Syndrome, then subsequently with Helenox Gastoc Syndrome. These related disorders both involve the nervous system. Without medication, as many as 200 convulsions can occur per day. Respiratory function is disturbed and prone to repeated infection. In addition to these general symptoms Maria also had no control over her motor system, resulting in weak muscle structure. She could not talk, walk, or sit down by herself. She had no control over her anal sphincter muscles. The causes of West Syndrome and Helenox Gastoc Syndrome are not known, however Maria's mother had a high fever (390 C) at the seventh month of pregnancy and the virus may have influenced the fetus. Delivery was also traumatic and was induced at the 40th week of pregnancy.

Summary of Condition Prior to Treatment

After one month of age, Maria was having as many as 100 convulsions per day. Rivotril and Atemperator reduced the convulsions to 50 per day, though on some days the convulsions still numbered as many as 200. At the age of one year a new treatment of ACTH was applied which reduced the convulsions to approximately 20 per day, but had severely intoxicated the young child. By age three the convulsions had worsened again and were prolonged in duration. At age four, Maria was afflicted with constant respiratory problems and was hospitalized frequently. Maria's mother consulted with a neurological specialist who told her, "Instead of improving, Maria's condition will continue to deteriorate day by day. The only thing you can do is see that her convulsions are reduced to a minimum, so that her quality of living will be better." Maria's life expectancy was estimated to be no more than five years.

A summary of positive changes noted in Maria since treatment

* When Maria first came for treatment she had 20 convulsions in a good day and 40 in a bad day. Her range is now from one or two convulsions on a normal day to eight convulsions on a stressful day.

* Before treatment Maria suffered constantly from severe respiratory ailments. After seven months of taking flower essences these symptoms ceased, and for the following period of eight months there have been no respiratory ailments whatsoever.

* Maria seemed completely alienated from the world. She was unable to recognize anyone, even her mother. Her eyes were disconnected from physical reality. Now she is more physically aware and gesticulates positively whenever her mother, caretakers or a sibling is close to her.

* Prior to flower essence therapy, Maria did not express her emotions. She didn't laugh or smile. Now she reacts to tickles with movement and occasional laughter. When Maria's mother talks directly to her, she smiles and her face lights up. When first coming for therapy, Maria's face was expressionless. She now displays many gestures and emotions, including anger or frustration.

* She is much more awake during the day and eats better. She is no longer a passive, disinterested eater. She shows a preference for the things she likes and rejects those she does not want.

* Prior to treatment, Maria did not show a pupilary reflex (contraction of the pupil in the presence of direct light). Her pediatrician had observed this same result repeatedly. After six months of flower essence therapy, Maria regained this reflex.

Summary of flower essences used:

* Shooting Star: I consider this to be Maria's archetypal remedy, and it was used consistently throughout her treatment. When I reflected upon Maria's case, I was struck by how her soul has had to struggle to incarnate in her physical body, from the earliest days of infancy and even before birth. The harsh allopathic drugs administered to her continued to blot out her awareness of the physical dimension. Within Maria's soul there existed a profound sense of alienation and exclusion. It was hard for her to come into her body and to feel her home on earth; to find a sense of belonging with other human beings.

Each application of Shooting Star brought increased bodily awareness. After the first treatment she was observed crossing her legs by herself and making communicative sounds which she had never tried before. Gradually, she became more awake during the day and began to have an increase in appetite. She began to clearly recognize and respond positively to her mother and caretakers. By the fourth session, Maria was demonstrating an expanded range of physical touch with positive reactions, such as laughing and moving. She now participates in selecting her food and is clear about what she will not eat. In general she shows an increased perception of the physical world and her relationship to it.

Other key essences used in the therapy:

* Star of Bethlehem: This was an important, pivotal remedy used in the beginning of the therapy to treat the severe shock and trauma produced by incessant convulsions, hospitalizations, illnesses and so forth, that Maria had experienced throughout her life.

* Mariposa Lily: Maria needed to respond to the warmth of human love, and especially a connection to her mother. An ability to bond with her mother, helped her to feel more safe on earth. Mariposa Lily was also used to heal the birth trauma which she experienced through her mother.

* Crab Apple: Maria's system was toxic from many years of drug medication and from her many infectious diseases. This essence helped her to cleanse and release old residue clogging her physical system.

* Self-Heal: This essence had a foundational impact, helping to stimulate her immune system and to build up her general health.

* Angelica: This essence imparted a sense of safety and protection; especially as a message to her soul that she had not been abandoned by the spiritual world.

* Black-Eyed Susan: I used this essence to help Maria come out of the darkness which enveloped her. As the therapy progressed, she gained an increased level of self-expression and individual awareness.

* Holly: I administered this essence later in the therapy to address some of the feelings of anger and frustration Maria showed as she began to awaken to herself. Also to help her relate positively to her family members.

* Yarrow: This essence was also used later to protect Maria from negative influences in her environment, especially from her father who had not been able to form a positive bond with her. Yarrow was also beneficial in helping her delicate, over-sensitive immune system respond positively to the therapy.

* Other Therapies: Throughout the therapy Maria's regular medications were reduced dramatically. At the time this case was concluded, she was taking only half the amount of her anti-convulsive medication, yet her convulsions had reduced from 20-40 per day, to 2-8 per day. Her anti-convulsive medication was also given in a homeopathic dosage, based on a system of treatment called Microdosis.

Summary Comments: Because Maria had been given such a grim diagnosis by other medical experts, I had very few expectations at the outset of her therapy. I hoped simply to make her more at peace with her state and give her more physical presence. My objectives were greatly surpassed by Maria's reaction to the flower essences. Working with such a being as Maria is a privilege. She reminds me that each person is unique and has a particular value in God's creation. Maria radiates much light. She has helped me reflect on my own life purpose and goals. She has taught me that one can have a great deal of presence without saying anything - just by being.


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