Case Study Certification Program

Case Study Certification Program


The documentation required for each case study, looking at each session and each case from many different angles, was a voyage of discovery.  What seemed daunting at first became a researcher's tool of discovery. Over and over I found that the really important and deep insights came when I was doing the various write-ups after the sessions. One is dealing with a process consisting of 3 steps: being active and involved during the consultation, writing down one's notes and seeing them reflected, and out of this dialogue new insight arises.

Barbara Schuster,  FES Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Sarsfield, Ontario, Canada

The process of completing the Certification studies was extremely valuable, not only in working with the people but in being able to reread what we had accomplished together.


Emily Licastro, midwife,
Olympia, Washington


The Flower Essence Society Practitioner Certification program is available to all participants who complete the Practitioner Training Course. This year-long program involves complete documentation of three in-depth case studies, plus related analyses and an archetypal character study.

Through telephone consultations, and optional in-person interviews, FES will review your case work, and provide guidance in applying the principles of flower essence therapy, as taught during the training course. After the case work is completed and accepted by the Flower Essence Society, participants receive a handsome certificate from the Flower Essence Society recognizing their achievement, and are invited to become part of the FES Practitioner Referral Network.

Participants not only gain professional recognition, but sharpen their skills as flower essence therapists. Over the years, many graduates of our Practitioner Training and international seminars have completed the program and found it was one of their most valuable professional learning experiences.

There is a mentoring and reading fee of US $195 charged by FES, which is payable when the case proposals are submitted for review.



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