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We are pleased with the ever-growing international community of researchers; the following articles span many critical healing issues of our day including women’s health, autism, anorexia, children, animals and methods of practice. We invite you to read about practitioner work in Mexico, France, Peru, Greece, Japan and the United States.

As always, we welcome your contributions to the growing body of research in regard to flower essence therapy.

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Flower Essence Therapy and Volunteer Work
with Families in La Calma, Mexico
Read how practitioner Denise Paillaud uses flower essence therapy as part of a family-oriented, community-based social service program—Acortar Distancias—in La Calma, Zapopan, Jalisco, México.

Using Flower Essence Therapy with the Women of the Q'ewar Project in Cuzco, Peru
Carmen Weick returned at the end of 2006 from Peru where she had been working with the Q’ewar Project for the last five years. The Q’ewar Project is “a social work initiative begun in early 2002 [by Peruvians Julio Herrera and Lucy Terrazas], situated in the rural highlands of the Andes Mountains in Peru.

Weaving Flower Essence Therapy with Energy Work

Lorena Solinger utilizes an eclectic approach in her work with women and families. Read this article which includes a detailed case study of a family and how, as the parents worked on their individual personal issues, the family healed as a whole.

Understanding Emotional Conflicts
Aids in Flower Essence Therapy

Gérald Tilki’s work with clients in Marseille, France, combines several philosophies for understanding the human being based on European psychology, Buddhist psychology, tarot, the Enneagram, Spiral Dynamics, Mailhebiau's Human Caracterologies and Décodage Biologique des maladies. Read three cases including one of a 16-year old girl who is anorexic.

Flower Essence Therapy, Aromatherapy
& Color Therapy: A Natural Synthesis
Begoña Siegrist utilizes flower essence therapy in combination with aromatherapy and color therapy. Working in tandem, these three therapies augment each other, helping both the practitioner and the client.

Read “Flower Essences for the Healer” by Dr. Marina Angeli, Athens, Greece. Dr. Angeli discusses flower essences as a means for the betterment of the healer’s skills and tools for dealing with important issues of the healing practice.

Flower Essence Selection Process with Clients
Read a narrative of the process of essence selection developed and utilized by flower essence practitioner Jane Ellen of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jane emphasizes using photo cards with affirmations as an effective tool both for selecting essences and for the healing process.

Listening to the body: the soul crying out in pain

Flower Essences Unlock the Effects of Autism

Yoko Sato is a Japanese practitioner who went through the FES certification process; two of her cases are presented on the FES website.

Read about “D” who was a workaholic whose physical symptoms were a result of her soul’s unhappiness with life. This is a fascinating case showing many stages of transformation, challenges, resolutions and metamorphosis of the soul toward a new vision and identity.

Autism gives an impression of those who lock themselves in their own world. However, after meeting Miss M and doing some research on autism, I came to realize that they do not lock themselves in. Rather, they are very sensitive, and try to reach out to people very cautiously.

Flower Essences, Animal Communication and their Effects on the Emotions and Behavior of Animals
Animal practitioner Raven Stevens uses flower essences and her skills as an animal communicator to address the emotional and behavioral issues of her clients.

The Healing Power of Stories
in Flower Essence Therapy

Pablo—finding right connection to earthly life

The Power of Forgiveness in the Healing Process

Julia Capistran de Early lives in Mexico City but also works in a low-income community in Fortin, Mexico. These three cases illustrate the incredible healing changes that are possible with flower essence therapy.

Resolving Physical Symptoms through Soul Awareness; alleviating the effects of hay fever

A case study by Japanese practitioner Yuko Oda:

Though I began this therapy with the hope of improving Mr. Oda’s hay fever symptoms, the essences not only were able to tackle his physical symptoms, they also helped to stabilize his mental state. He has become calmer, his perspective has widened, and he is seeing vitality and flexibility increase day by day.

Yellow Star Tulip as an Archetype:
The Life of Fred Rogers

This archetypal character study of Mr. Rogers was written by FES-certified practitioner Linda Beal Klein.

As human beings, our job in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us is, that each of us has something that no one else has—or ever will have—something inside of us that is unique to all time. It’s our job to encourage each other to discover that uniqueness and to provide ways of developing its expression. —Fred Rogers

Translations of Articles

New postings in Spanish:

Dejar de Fumar translated by Lila Castillo

Terapia de Esencias Florales, Aromaterapia y Cromoterapia: Una Síntesis Natural — Presentando el Trabajo De Begoña Siegrist translated by Begoña Siegrist

Cómo tratar el insomnio – soluciones que van más allá de la dependencia de drogas translated by Lila Castillo

New postings in Italian translated by Alvise Postinghel:

Sunflower e Love-Lies-Bleeding: arrendersi allo spirito

Affrontare l’insonnia

l’applicazione topica delle essenze floreali

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A gallery of photos of the flowers for all of the North American and English essences is now posted on the Flower Essence Society website.


What flower essences might be useful for the emotional states of Asperger’s Syndrome?

Are there any particular considerations for storing flower essences?

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