Spring 2005

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Dear Friends,

It's spring! The season is abundant with bountiful blossoms throughout our beautiful wildlands and gardens. The flower essences are also blooming inside the hearts and minds of our practitioners around the world. Please see the exciting line-up of plant studies, therapist profiles, and clinical reports in this issue of our
FES International E-Newsletter.

With florific good wishes,
The FES Team

Join us for the Flower Essence Practitioner Training
and Certification Program, July 7-14, 2005

Two students in a counseling practicum,
surrounded by Sierra wildflowers typically seen during our classes

Come to scenic Lake Tahoe, California, for our 21st Annual Certification Program, held at the Granlibakken Conference Center. Meet other practitioners from around the world and discover first-hand some of the stunning wildflowers of the Sierras. Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to study with Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz.

More details here.

Flower Essence Archetypal Study

Art of Mary Cassatt

The Gesture of Maternal Embrace:
The Archetype of Mariposa Lily in the
Artwork of Mary Cassatt

by Karen Lohmann

One of the aims of the FES Practitioner Certification Program is to help each student come into greater awareness of archetypal reality, both in the language and images of the soul, and in the larger soul expressions of Nature. Read the masterful essay Karen Lohmann wrote about the artwork of Mary Cassatt and its relationship to the Mariposa Lily.

Plant Profiles

Mariposa Lily
Calochortus leichtlinii

Mariposa Lily in the Soul of Nature
by Patricia Kaminski

Mariposa Lily (Calochortus leichtlinii) is one of the most widely used and revered flower essences favored by flower essence practitioners throughout the world. Read a short essay by Patricia Kaminski which reviews the delicate and unique beauty of its signature in Nature and why it is called The Madonna of the Rocks.

Sequoia sempervirens

The Redwood Tree: A Celebration of Stature and Majesty
by Richard Katz

The Redwood flower essence is a potent remedy used by practitioners around the world to enhance vitality and support the physical structures of the body. Richard Katz reviews the towering miracle of the Redwood tree (Sequoia sempervirens). Learn about some of its amazing botanical features that contribute to its stellar healing qualities.

Making a Mother Essence

Desert Lily
Hesperocallis undulata

Water Virgin of the Desert:
Preparing the Desert Lily Flower Essence

by Patricia Kaminski

Unusual rains have blessed the southern California deserts and produced an extraordinary season of wildflower blooms. Patricia Kaminski contemplates the exquisite Desert Lily as it is prepared for a flower medicine, accompanied by soulful photography from Richard Katz.

Practitioner Profiles

Donna Basich, Ph.D.
Colfax, California

Expressive Arts Therapy: Painting the Blossom of the Soul

Donna Basich, Ph.D., is a Certified Expressive Therapist (C.E.T.), who finds flower essences to be a powerful catalyst in her healing approach with children and adults. Discover Donna’s remarkable journey to become a healer through helping her own son, and review some therapeutic paintings from her clients, along with key flower essences used in her work.

Donal Mc Daniel
Belfast, Ireland

Enhancing Reflexology with Flower Remedies

Donal Mc Daniel’s healing work in Northern Ireland is part of a social program offered through the Ardoyne/Shankill Partnership that helps both Catholics and Protestants. Learn how his practical and effective use of reflexology is enhanced with flower essences.

Teresa Wagner, M.A.
Carmel, California

Animals in Our Hearts: Intuitive Communication and Compassionate Care

Teresa Wagner is an intuitive animal communicator who uses flower essences as a major tool for all her clients. She is dedicated to improving the lives of animals, comforting people who have lost a beloved animal and helping those involved in animal rescue work.

Dr. Aaron Anderson, D.C., N.D., F.A.S.A.
Redding, California

Spiritual Enlightenment: The Ultimate Gift of Flower Essences

Dr. Aaron Anderson works with clients at the Anderson Chiropractic Center in Redding, California, and conducts a worldwide healing network called Illumination Consultations. Learn why Dr. Anderson prefers to use flower essences to support subtle levels of mental and spiritual awareness.

Practitioner Reports

Rosana Vieira
Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

Glassy Hyacinth: Healing Post-partum Birth Trauma

Glassy Hyacinth is a leading research remedy used successfully for many cases of post-traumatic stress. Read a report from Rosana Vieira of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, about Glassy Hyacinth. This flower essence played a pivotal role in healing post-partum trauma for a client who gave birth to a Down Syndrome child.

Linda Webber
Bellingen, Australia

Using Flower Essences in My Garden

Yes! Flower essences are for people, pets and plants! Read about the simple, but highly effective flower essence protocols Linda Webber of Bellingen, Australia uses when transplanting, pruning, and doing other garden tasks.

Linda Cohen
New York, New York

Physical Trauma and Wound Healing: A Remarkable Flower Essence Formula

Read about the outstanding formula that FES certified practitioner Linda Cohen uses to soothe physical trauma and support wound healing. Linda discovered this formula when helping her mother with a knee injury.


The Problem with DNA Barcoding:
The Whole is More Than its Parts

by Richard Katz

True knowledge of living organisms requires a relationship and a living encounter that does not bypass the reality of what we see and sense in Nature. Yet the latest trend in academic and scientific circles is to ignore this “wisdom of wholeness” in favor of mechanical devices. Read an essay by Richard Katz that challenges this assumption.


Pat Warner
Nevada City, California

Middle Fork

Pat Warner, our prolific and passionate poet in residence at FES, writes a stirring tribute to the Middle Fork of our beloved Yuba River in spring.

The Latest Ask FES Questions

Where can we find more about Dr. Bach’s original work and its continuing legacy?

What are the ethics of “permission” when working with animals? Are essences more effective when used with conscious knowledge?

How can flower essences be used if I have alcohol sensitivity?

What flower essences can be used following general anesthesia and surgery?

Dr. Jeffrey Cram

In Memoriam: Dr. Jeffrey Cram

Richard Katz writes a tribute to Dr. Jeffrey Cram, a major contributor to Flower Essence Society research. Dr. Cram conducted the first double-blind studies on flower essences for stress and for sensitivity, and designed a multi-site clinical study on flower essences used for depression.

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