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We hope you'll enjoy this first issue of the Flower Essence Society E-Bulletin. We'll be sending these out periodically to update you on FES news and on-line content.

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Please join us for our 2002 Classes

Continuing Education for Professionals Now Available!

As an expression of our commitment to bringing flower essence therapy to health professionals, the Flower Essence Society is now pleased to offer credits for continuing education.

The FES Flower Essence Practitioner Training has been approved for 57 contact hours by the American Holistic Nurses' Association, which is accredited as an approver of continuing education in nursing by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

Reviewers examining our application made the following comments:

"Beautiful and polished!"
"Extremely well prepared. They are to be commended!"

Applications are also pending for California nursing credits and credits for counselors and social workers. Please call our office or check our web site for the latest information on continuing education approvals for our programs.

The Executive Lodge at the Granlibakken Conference Center, site of the FES Practitioner Training Program.

July 5 - 12
FES Practitioner Training Program

Click here to review full details of this year's program schedule and activities at Granlibakken Center at beautiful Lake Tahoe, California.

FES Research Essence

FES Plant Studies
In addition to case profiles and numerous therapeutic topics involving flower essences, the FES Training Program provides the opportunity to view many wildflowers first hand, including a guided study in plant perception. Many students have found this work to be a new opening to the world of subtle plant qualities. Click here to read a plant study of Showy Aster by Jack Braunstein, of Gibson, Pennsylvania, accompanied by an essay exploring how this process led to a quickening of important soul events in Jack's life. A plant study by Jyothi Rundel of Kamuela, Hawai'i details many extraordinary qualities in the Monkshood, an emerging research flower essence.

New On-line
Member Services
Research Essence Profiles
— featured is the latest botanical and clinical information for over 40 research essences: click here for more information.

FES Research Essence
Sierra Primrose



Newsletter Article Reprints
articles from back issues of the Members' Newsletter in Adobe Acrobat format. You must be a current FES Member and log in to access this feature. Click here to log in.

FES Research Essence




FES Practitioner Referral Network
— this is an optional service exclusively for FES members. The network is currently on-line and available to the public. Network users need to register so we can guard against commercial use of the listings.

Please visit the Referral Network and experience its powerful search features. The on-line Referral Network will provide an even greater opportunity to let potential clients learn of your services.


to the FES



Forget-Me Not

Baby Blue Eyes

Star of Bethlehem

"Guidelines for Emotional Detoxification"
Featuring an interview
with Patricia Kaminski

— Chapter 8 from
The Healthy Living Space;
"70 Practical Ways to Detoxify the Body and Home" by Richard Leviton

Developing Positive Sensitivity;
Empathy: an asset not a liability—
Based on a conversation with Dr. Kyra Mesich

— featuring the research of Dr. Mesich of Plymouth, Minnesota on using the Yarrow remedies for sensitivity

Interview with a Holistic Practitioner—
Gayle Eversole: Sharing a Lifetime of Learning

Two Essence Profiles
by Rosanna Vieira of Campinas, Brazil

— Forget-Me-Not:
Developing Soul Relationships
Through Dreams and Memory
— Baby Blue Eyes:
Healing the Father Archetype in the Soul

Healing Our Four-Legged Friends with Flowers:
A Report from Christina Blume
— case stories and practical tips from Christina's therapeutic work with animals

A SAFER Way of Helping Animals and Their Caretakers
— featuring Martin Scott and Gael Mariani, flower essence practitioners and teachers living in Wales, United Kingdom, who have launched the Society for Animal Flower Essence Research, whose goal is to explore animal treatment using the entire international range of flower essences available.


Practitioner Research — Your Participation is Vital!

Flower essence therapy grows as each one of us contributes to our network of professional insight and wisdom. We hope that you will become involved so that we may continue to learn from and support each other. Please join the Flower Essence Society in its ongoing research by filling out this form.

Click here for examples of recent submissions. Or, if you'd like, we can arrange to interview you via telephone (see contact information below) and document your work. Every report we receive is vital to the ongoing research



We are very pleased to report that the premier edition of Calix; International Journal for the Advancement of Flower Essence Therapy, is in preparation and will soon be sent to all members. This edition will feature over 11 different articles including case reports, research results, botanical and clinical profiles, interviews with practitioners, and a feature article by Patricia Kaminski entitled "Extending the Legacy of Dr. Edward Bach: The Vision of the Flower Essence Society for the Twenty-First Century".


Web Links

Pink Yarrow





"Flower Essence Therapy in the Treatment of Major Depression: Preliminary Findings"
by Jeffrey R. Cram, PhD

This article appears in a v
olume of The International Journal of Healing and Caring.

Windows to Wellness
Talk Radio Show Interviews

— Listen to archived interviews with practitioners who utilize flower essences:

February 23rd, 2002
Psychic and Emotional Sensitivity
with Dr. Kyra Mesich

November 24th, 2001
Emotional Healing with Flower Essences
— learn how flower essences are being used in the New York City relief effort and how they help people move through trauma and crisis; featuring Dr. John Gosling, a medical doctor and Jungian therapist in Manhattan, New York

November 17th, 2001
Planetary Healing
— with Dr. Rudolph Ballentine of the Olive Leaf Wholeness Center, New York City, discussing healing for the planet; he compares the allopathic treatment of cancer to the allopathic treatment of the terrorist attacks, and discusses a holistic approach with both


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