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St. John's Wort

Summertime greetings!

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Read Family Healing—St. John's Wort as an Archetype by practitioner Elly Van Ekelenburg
— this article appeared in a previously published Society newsletter

Read St. John's Wort by Patricia Kaminski

View the St. John's Wort dream affirmation in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.
— this affirmation includes English, Portuguese, and Spanish translations
If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it for free.


to the FES







Holly Plant Study
by Ralph Raphael

— a plant study utilizing the Twelve Windows of Plant Perception

Holly - The Heart Healer
by Patricia Kaminski

an in-depth article on archetypal themes underlying the healing qualities of Holly

Dr. Sally Dawson -
Listening with
Heart and Soul

— an article about the work of practitioner Dr. Sally Dawson, New Zealand

Using the
Yarrow Environmental Formula
for High Stress in
Japan's Crowded Cities

by Mitose Komura
— an article about the importance of this formula for Japanese people

Arnica • Echinacea • Yarrow

FES Giving Program:
Magenta Mantle




Magenta Mantle was developed in 1991, in response to the Oakland, California fire. This catastrophic fire destroyed 300 homes, devastating the land, the community and many people's lives. This synergistic chord of five flower essences restores vitality and etheric regeneration, helping individuals to cope with loss, to reclaim land that had been devastated by fire, and to build new bonds of community. Since that time, Magenta Mantle has circulated to many parts of the world, helping to heal the land and communities.

The FES Giving Program is currently donating Magenta Mantle to qualified practitioners who are serving in the aftermath of the Colorado and Arizona fires in the United States. Please contact us for more details.

To find out more about Magenta Mantle, please read here. (Adobe Acrobat Reader format.)


Scarlet Fritillary









We invite your participation in our Ask FES feature of the Society website. We post answers to questions about the basic theory and practice of flower essence therapy.

We select questions to answer based on their importance and interest for the visitors to our site: you may be working with an issue or question which will be of interest to other practitioners, however, please understand that we are not able to provide individual therapy in this public forum. If you have a specific healing need, please access our Practitioner Referral Network to find a practitioner in your area.

As a way of sharing knowledge with each other we welcome your questions, and also welcome comments from you on the existing posts.

Is it advisable to let clients know about the possibility of an "awareness crisis" or emotional catharsis with flower essences?

What does it mean to say that flower essences are "potentized"?

How can flower essences help Alzheimer's patients?

As a psychiatric nurse how would I begin to utilize flower essence therapy in my work with people showing "sociopathic" personalities?

Are there any research essences which appear to be indicated for women traumatized by Cesarean births?

What success has been reached with the use of flower essences for treatment of fibromyalgia?

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California Wild Rose








Radio show interview with Paticia Kaminski
— Patricia will be interviewed on the The Deborah Ray Show, Healthy Talk Radio on Thursday, the 25th of July, at 8:15 AM (Pacific Daylight Time). Deborah Ray has been bringing quality health information to radio listeners since 1982. She became a firm believer in alternative medical techniques at the age of 23, and embarked on a lifelong exploration of the use of natural products and methods to deal with disease.

"Flower Power: Treating Depression with Flower Essences" by Shirley Vanderbilt
— this article appeared in the June/July issue of Massage & Bodywork magazine (800-458-2267), and gives an overview of the current thinking regarding depression and the background work and studies done by Dr. Jeffrey Cram, clinical psychologist. Dr. Cram found flower essences to be significantly effective in reducing depression, as scored by the BDI and HAMD (50% decrement).

Dr. Cram is conducting on-going data collection from practitioners throughout the United States, Europe and South America on the use of flower essence therapy for depression. Practitioners licensed or certified in their modality are invited to join in the compilation of data. Instructions for application are available here.


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