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November 2007

Dear Friends,

E.B. White wrote, I awake torn between a desire to save the world and an inclination to savor it. This makes it hard to plan the day.” 

What we have learned through the work of the Flower Essence Society is that both choices are important. The plants call us to pay attention to them – to savor their subtle qualities, to learn to see and appreciate them beyond their material forms. And, as we learn to value the healing power of the flower essences, their saving grace moves into ever wider spheres of the world.

This edition of the FES International Research Journal is a wonderful mix of savoring and saving. You will learn of exciting new developments in flower essence therapy in hospice care, for healing addictions, for practical home care for children, and for helping musicians. You’ll also want to read Richard Katz’s photo-essay of his trip to Chile and Argentina, and hear about the heart-warming social and educational programs in these two countries. From the savoring point of view, two FES practitioners offer deeper insights into the Yerba Santa and Lotus flower essences; an artist illustrates her intriguing journey as the flower essences speak to her soul; and a practitioner offers his creative board game utilizing the flower cards and affirmations.

Thank you for your support of the Flower Essence Society. We hope the Holidays will be a source of warmth and inspiration for you; and most of all that you will continue savoring and saving the world through your devotion to flower essence therapy.


The Use of Flower Essences in Hospice Care

Read hospice patient case studies of Dr. Kelly Warshel, and how, assisted by practitioner Jane Ellen, flower essence therapy was introduced into the Windber Hospice program in Windber, PA.

Flower Essences as Part of the Protocol
in Healing Alcohol and Drug Addictions

Problems with addiction represent deep areas of pain and suffering for individuals, their families and friends. Dr. Deborahe Prock's healing work with such people incorporates flower essences to address the emotions underlying the destructive behaviors.

The Flower Essence Game™
Practitioner Kevin Zucker developed a game that uses the Affirm a Flower affirmation cards to help develop familiarity with the different FES and English flower essences, and practice in prescribing them.

Resolving Abandonment Anxiety

My daughter has struggled with feelings of being unloved and ignored ever since she was a toddler. Read how Kellie Sletten was able to successfully help her daughter with the use of flower essences.

Essences for Toddler Separation Anxiety

While it’s totally normal for a child to be attached to her parents, we grew concerned when on separate occasions she threw inconsolable, screaming fits when we left her with each of her previously-beloved and long-time babysitters. Anthony Qaiyum gave flower essences to his daughter to help with her "overwhelming and rapidly developing emotions."

A Visit to Our South American Neighbors:
A Photo-Essay by Richard Katz

In the latter part of August and into September of 2007, Richard Katz taught classes in Chile and Argentina in South America and visited with flower essence teachers and practitioners. View a slide show photo-essay of some of Richard’s activities in Chile and Argentina.

Flower Essence Archetypal Character Study: Yerba Santa
FES-Certified practitioner Wendy Ayotte presents her archetypal character study of Ennis Delmar in the movie "Brokeback Mountain." Read how Ennis illustrates the Yerba Santa archetype.

Plant Study: Lotus
"A symbol of the promise for humankind to rise above the muddy 'soup' of life, the Lotus rises and unfolds, as the awakening and blossoming of those sincere on their spiritual quest." Read a plant study in which Dr. Share Siwek presents many observational and creative insights in regard to the Lotus.

Benediction Oil: Three Musicians Report Benefits
Read about three accomplished piano musicians who have had profound experiences in regard to their playing abilities as a result of using the Seasons of the Soul Benediction Oil.

Translations of Articles

New postings in Spanish:

Form and Function por Julian Barnard and Perfil Botanico del Arbol Joshua translated by Emilia Acevedo

Dejar de Fumar translated by Lila Castillo

New posting in Italian translated by Alvise Postinghel:

Purple, Sticky e Scarlet Monkeyflower Essenze chiave per il trattamento della paura

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