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Meg Doyle
Pauma Valley,CA

Essences aid in Animal Rescue Work in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

FES has been actively involved in assisting practitioners who are providing relief for Hurricane Katrina. Read this heart-warming report from Meg Doyle, who volunteered for the Humane Society in New Orleans:
There was a puppy that wouldn't eat until I forced a few drops of blends into his mouth and also an older dehydrated dog that finally started drinking on her own after remedies were lightly "smooshed" onto her back. I gave Aspen to every little "quaking" dog I encountered…

Read more here.

Steven Horne
St. George, UT

We are pleased to present Emotional Anatomy: A Holistic Healing Paradigm Incorporating Flower Essence Therapy, a profile of Steven Horne who is a long-time herbalist, healer and educator.

Dr. Marina Angeli
Athens, Greece

Read about the use of flower essence therapy as an alternative to sleep-inducing medications in Dr. Angeli's article Bringing Serenity and Peace Back to Mind and Body: Flower Essences for Insomnia.

Lic. Raúl E. Pérez
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Read Behind Anxiety Disorders: Phobias, Hypochondria, Panic Attack and OCD, an article written by Dr. Raúl Pérez in which he thoughtfully examines anxiety disorders and the underlying core issues associated with them.

Teresita Espinoza Woters
Santiago De Chile, Chile

Working with Flower Essence Therapy in Chile is a report written by Teresita Espinoza Woters, outlining her work in a high security prison and with the Edward Bach School of Flower Essence Therapists. She also details some of the flower essences used successively for children with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.

Dr. Laurie Pappas
Franklin, MI

Flower Essence Therapy: A Perfect Adjunct to Psychotherapy is an introduction to the work of Dr. Laurie Pappas, who believes flower essences are integral to the self-reflection and emotional healing process. She has found that for some people, flower essences can be helpful in reducing or eliminating the need for chemical medication.

Dr. Cora Llera
Miami Beach, FL

Pain is a signal that something on the emotional, spiritual or mental level needs to be worked with or changed. Beyond Chiropractic: Signature Energy Work is an introduction to “signature energy work,” a process Dr. Cora Llera has developed which identifies and addresses the underlying causes of symptomatic pain. See below for a link to the book she has written which details the process of Signature Energy Work.

Signature Energy Work:
Accessing, Evaluating, and Transforming
the Personal Energy Field
describes the original theory and clinical practice developed by Dr. Llera, and is a comprehensive teaching tool for others to learn her system of healing work.

Bonnie Lewallen
Littleton, CO

We invite you to read Flower Essence Therapy and Hospice Work in Chennai, India, a report by Bonnie Lewallen. She was invited to India by the DEAN Foundation to present inservice training on how to combine and use essential oils and flower essences to augment their more traditional medical and hospice care.

Melissa Ellen Penn
Berkeley, CA

I write this report as a gift to other adoptees, for while I cannot recapture my lost years, perhaps this story will guide this remedy into the hands of others...

Read Melissa Penn's report: Mariposa Lily–a remedy for the trauma associated with adoption.

Lydie Alves
Pollestres, France

Please read the conclusion of Quitting Tobacco, an article that details Lydie Alves' successful cessation of cigarette smoking.

Plant Study

The Cosmos has a form and gesture that is graceful, airy, and mobile. It is responsive to every breath of wind or touch by another living thing. It opens outwards in a generous gesture, expanding, trusting, and risking.
Read further the wonderfully perceptive plant study on Cosmos by Patricia Leslie (Richmond, CA).

Strength and Ordered Structure: Observing the Echinacea Plant—read this insightful essay by Richard Katz, illustrated with many luminous, detailed photographs of the remarkable Echinacea.


Deborah Craydon, C.F.E.P &
Warren Bellows, LIC.AC.
Sebastopol, CA

Floral Acupuncture: Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites: read a review of this exciting, new book presenting ground-breaking work in the application of flower essences on corresponding acu-points. It is the result of fourteen months of clinical research with flower essences made according to the indications of Dr. Bach.

Eduardo Grecco

Announcing recent books written in Spanish by Eduardo Grecco, a prolific author and teacher of flower essence therapy: Edward Bach: La Luz Que Nunca Se Apaga, El Legado del Dr. Edward Bach, La Bipolaridad como don and Despertando el Don Bipolar. See them here.


Pat Warner
Nevada City, California

Pat Warner fell under the spell of St. John's Wort again this year as he gathered the plants. Read about his experience.


Can individuals with mental illnesses taking psychiatric or psychotropic medications also successfully use flower essences?

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