Japan 2004 Photo Essay:
Experiencing Japan

Japan 2004: Classes
Japan 2004: Nature Studies
Japan 2004: Affirmation and Celebration
Japan 2004: Kamakura Temples


Left: Peace Memorial in Tokyo in memory of the victims of the 1923 Tokyo earthquake and the 1945 US bombing of Tokyo.
Right: Memorial to the 50,000 children killed by US bombings.

Our host, Mitose Komura, being served at a formal Japanese dinner. Japanese cuisine is a highly developed art form.

The Edo Museum in Tokyo displays classic Japanese culture:
a Kabuki Theater actor and a traditional woodworker.

The enchanting Mount Fuji.

On the side of Mount Fuji we discovered an herbalist who served us wild ferns and who prepared syrups and jams from the wild cranberries which grow there.

Backyard rice paddy and garden in rural Japan.

Japanese children tasting the nectar from Azalea flowers.

Photographs by Richard Katz, Maki Shimamura and Mitose Komura.



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