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We have a new
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We are very pleased and excited to share our new web site design with you. We hope you'll find the navigation pleasant and easy as you travel throughout the site. If ever you have difficulties while visiting it, please don't hesitate to contact us. And, as always, we welcome your ideas to include in our presentation.

New additions to the Repertory online

The Flower Essence Repertory online now has a complete set of beautiful color photographs of the flowers accompanying each of the profiles. In addition, “Flower Essence Theory and Practice,” the 100+ page first section of the Repertory, is available for download as an Adobe Acrobat file. This in-depth essay includes the historical, cultural, and scientific context for flower essence therapy, as well as practical instructions for selecting and using flower essences for home care or in a holistic health practice.

As with our research essence profiles, the on-line Repertory is accessible if your membership is current. If needed, you can sign up or renew online.

Case Study

Treatment of Alcoholism


“Picked Up the Real Bottle”:
Flower Essence Therapy and the Treatment of Alcoholism—an in-depth case study by New York practitioner Linda Cohen.

Plant Profile

Three Faces of Borage


Joel Kreisberg, DC, CCH, writes about the use of Borage as a medicinal herb, homeopathic remedy, and flower essence.

Flower Essence Profile

Yerba Santa—
A Chance to Make a Change



Flower Therapist Gabriela Díaz Urbina describes how Yerba Santa invites us on a “journey that reaches into our inmost depths.”

About Yerba Santa

Read a profile of Yerba Santa written by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz.

Practitioner Profiles

A Successful Combination:
Flower Essence Therapy and Homeopathy


A healing crises leads practitioner Kimberly Rockshaw to her life's work.

Helping Young Women Reclaim the True Self

Shannon Thompson of Shakti Rising speaks of her work helping to empower troubled young people to reclaim their true selves, express themselves fully, and make a difference in the world.

Building Bridges Between Flower Essence Therapy and Healing Landscapes

Anne Pera, Registered Nurse, talks
about her collaborative work with her sister, Martha Tyson, a landscape architect, who designs therapeutic gardens.

The Pioneering Work of
Drs. Susan and Julian Lange


Learn about the Meridian Center for Personal and Environmental Health in Santa Monica, California, a model for synthesis between the alternative health movement and the growth of environmental consciousness. Also, read about the Langes' work with flower essences used for endometriosis.

Plant Study

White Yarrow
Achillea Millefolium


This plant study was completed by Jane Ellen, a participant in the 2003 FES Practitioner Training and Certification Course.

Book Review

Bach Flower Remedies
for Children

by Barbara Mazzarella


Barbara Mazzarella believes in administering flower essences at an early age to create balance and harmony in a child, which ultimately ends with a happier adult.

Flower Essence Classes

Classes taught by
Patricia Kaminski & Richard Katz







Japan Class
May, 2004
Contact the Association for Flower Essence Education - Japan

Special Practitioner Seminar with Portuguese Translation
June 18 - 24, 2004
Granlibakken Conference Center
Tahoe City, California
Contact Essências Florais,
São Paulo, Brazil

Practitioner Training and Certification Program
July 1-8, 2004
Granlibakken Conference Center, Tahoe City, California

Future FES Practitioner Trainings
Tentative dates:
July 7-14, 2005
July 6-13, 2006

Artistic Inspiration

It is not only the clinical aspect of flower essence therapy that is profoundly important; the flowers move in the soul life as an artistic expression.

Star Tulip


The Flower Essence Society honors the inner dimension of soul life, of which the writings of Charlotte Hough are a lovely expression.




“St. Francis Preaching
to the Birds”
—painting by Giotto



Patricia Kaminski will conduct a workshop entitled “Overview of Flower Essences for Animals” as part of a ten-day intensive,Animals: Compassionate Skills & Support. It is part of the professional animal communicator certification program of the Assisi International Animal Institute, Inc.—
October 22, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.
Contact Sue Manley, Workshop Coordinator, aiaiworkshops@att.net. Assisi’s website is: www.aiaianimal.org

Book about Bach flower essence therapy by veterinarian published in Italy





Dr. Leandro Borino recently published Anima-li e Fiori di Bach in Italian. Dr. Borino believes his work and book offer more extensive information on Bach flower therapy embracing the idea that all animals are mirrors of human soul and health conditions. As he points out, anima, in Latin and Italian, means soul. He also includes in his writings connections with other cultures and their healing practices including traditional Chinese medicine, other Asian, Greek, Roman, and Judeo-Christian cultures. There are beautiful paintings of flowers throughout the book, some of them never published before.
Available from Nova Scripta edizioni, Salita San Francesco da Paola 20/7, 16126 Genova, Italy, novascripta@libero.it

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