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Dear Friends,

The Flower Essence Society is once again honored to present the following heartfelt reports, case studies and healing work of practitioners in various parts of the world, including the Philippines, Japan, New Zealand and the United States.

We feel grateful to have gathered together this harvest from the many who have contributed to the whole of this presentation.

We hope these offerings will nourish the seeds for your own healing endeavors in the field of flower essence therapy.

May you and yours be well this season!

The FES Team

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Social Service Project

Bringing Flower Essences and Hope to Survivors of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines

FES donated flower essences for the volunteer work done by Dr. Valerie Simonsen. She traveled to the Bumi Wadah Childbirth Manger & Medical Relief Clinic in the heart of the Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda disaster zone, Dulag, Philippines. Typhoon Yolanda occurred in November of 2013 and reportedly was one of the strongest and deadliest typhoons ever recorded. Read her heartfelt inspiring report here.


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Practitioner Profiles

Integrating Flower Essence Therapy with Chinese Medicine
An Interview with Dr. David Miller, M.D., L.Ac.

Dr. David Miller has a dynamic holistic medical care practice that blends his background training in Western medicine, Chinese medicine and energetic healing. He says, “I love all aspects of what I do. Through the years, I have accumulated and grown systems of practice... . I particularly enjoy the work with flower essences.” Read here about the overlap and correlation with the Chinese medicine tradition and flower essences which treat particular patterns.

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Recovery from Addictions: Key Flower Essences
“A large percentage of my practice is working with addictions. We’re all addicts to some extent. We all use something to keep us out of our divinity, whether addictive thoughts or habits that we do...” Read about the healing work of Laurette DeJulian and the significant role that Agrimony, Clematis, Mustard and the Chestnut flower essences play in her therapeutic practice.
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Practitioner Case Studies

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Marijuana Cessation – A Process of Inner Growth

Excessive use of marijuana can come into balanced use or cease completely when underlying soul needs are addressed. The typical soul psychological profile for marijuana use involves the polarities of inner life and outer manifestation, dream and awake life, and artistry and action. Read this case by Katherine Ziff showing the excellent use of Clematis and Mugwort to address the inner life, followed by Sunflower, Iris and Wild Rose to awaken the soul’s expression in the outer world.

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The Ice Woman Melting: Overcoming Sexual Abuse and Life Traumas

This case submitted by FES practitioner Zöe McCaffrey, is an excellent example of healing from sexual abuse, loss and trauma. The therapeutic process especially involves Pink Monkeyflower to open the wounded heart to emotional expression and trust. Read this compelling case, accompanied by remarkable artwork from the client.


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From Pharmaceuticals to Flowers: Healing Deep Soul Trauma

Anne Rocha is an artist and flower essence therapist who uses various artistic processes to help unfold the soul's healing. The following case is especially noteworthy because the client was able to completely discontinue taking two pharmaceuticals – Alprozolam (Xanax, an anti-anxiety medication) and Escitalopram (an anxiolytic) – that had been used for nearly a decade. These medications were first prescribed when the client’s mother died and she was in panic and grief. The client now is completely free of the need for these medications. Read this case which shows a very credible way in which such a transition from pharmaceuticals happens.

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Animal Case Study
Overcoming Adversity:
Healing Pochi from Abandonment Trauma and Radiation Exposure
A month after the earthquake and resulting nuclear disaster at Fukushima in 2011, Pochi developed scirrhous cancer as a result of radiation exposure. This report by practitioner Manami Matsui chronicles her life with Pochi and the sensitive use of flower essences for Pochi's healing. Read about Pochi here.
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Archetypal Character Studies
The Black Madonna and Black-Eyed Susan: From Darkness into Light by Claire Norris. Read the study here.
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Trillium Flower Essence Qualities Illustrated by Herb and Dorothy Vogel by Sophie Ganley. Read the study here.

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Ellie Arroway in the Movie “Contact,” Illustrating the Baby Blue Eyes Archetype by Zöe McCaffrey. Read the study here.

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Course Announcements

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FES Professional Course
June 18-22, 2015
This course is the prerequisite for the optional FES Certification Program.
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Elements and Essences;
Exploring the Four Elements as a Foundation for Flower Essence Therapy
A seminar with Chinese translation
(limited to native Chinese speakers)
July 9-13, 2015
Details forthcoming.

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