Arthritic Collie Revived by Flower Essences

by T. M. D'illon

A 14-year-old male collie, arthritic to the point of death, was revived physically, and emotionally after receiving flower essences Love-Lies-Bleeding and Rescue Remedy (Dr. Bach's emergency combination also known by the brand names Five-Flower Formula and Calming Essence). The essences were dropped on various treats, such as Cheet-Os, directly from the stock bottle, and fed to the dog.

"I also performed Reiki on the his hips and thighs, which were shaking terribly and uncontrollably," reported MaryAnne Pomeroy, a Maryland practitioner.

The immediate results were impressive. The collie was walking again, and even followed his mistress up the stairwell the next evening, a feat he had not managed in months.

"Richie" was whining and his back legs were "folded out at wrong angles." He couldn't sit up. His owner thought she would have to take Richie to the vet the following evening. MaryAnne came by the next day to give the Richie a Reiki session. She took a bottle of Love-Lies-Bleeding (in case Richie was ready to die) and a bottle of Rescue Remedy with her.

"I kept giving Richie Rescue Remedy on various treats, and also on his mouth and on his head. Straight from the stock bottle. He was really shaking. The whole problem was the back hips and back legs. I then started to give him the Love-Lies-Bleeding in the same manner; on treats, head, mouth, in his water bowl. I was feeding Richie whatever I could to get the remedies in him, such as Cheet-O's."

Richie's shaking ceased after taking the essences. He looked more calm and seemed content to lay down. MaryAnne was able to perform the Reiki on him. When the owner got home she was pleasantly amazed. Richie was standing up, greeting her.

"Richie never went to the vet," Pomeroy concluded, "and he's still walking." She continues to combine essences with Reiki. "I have taken the Love-Lies-Bleeding out of the mix because it is not really needed anymore. Richie's 14, but obviously not dying. I have continued Rescue Remedy on the treats. He looks forward to it."

MaryAnne Pomeroy is a 2nd degree Reiki practitioner and animal communicator in Baltimore, Maryland. She mixes traditional and alternative methods in her healing work. She can be reached at (410) 817-6164.

from telephone interview January 27th, 1999



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