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Certification Program Overview

FES Practitioner Certification Program

The FES Practitioner Certification Program is offered as a post-course option for all participants who complete the FES Professional Course. This program is intended to add depth, documentation skills and objective professionalism to your flower essence practice. It also contributes to the important research and clinical documentation that is essential to the recognition of flower essence therapy as a valid holistic practice.

We offer two options for meeting the FES Practitioner Certification requirements.

1. Clinical Case Study option, a well-established pathway to FES Certification for many decades. With this option, you will be submitting three model case studies profiling individuals or animals, using a structured format for documentation developed by Flower Essence Society.

a. Be sure to read about the requirements for clinical case studies with people submitted for certification, which will guide you through the process. You can read summaries of sample case studies, previously submitted for certification.

b. We also have an option for animal case studies submitted for certification, with different procedures and documentation appropriate for these cases.

2. Independent Study Option for Social Service Work: This is an independently designed program, with populations in need or with a particular therapeutic issue in a social context. To participate in this option you must prepare a detailed proposal for your research program and its documentation and submit it to the Flower Essence Society for approval. Please see full details of the Independent Study Social Service Requirement.

Your cases  will be submitted through our on-line case-study procedure, which makes reporting user-friendly for all parties involved. It also allows us to readily enter your valuable research into our database. Read about the technical details for data entry with links to on-line forms.


Additional requirements for certification: Please note that in addition to the option you choose above, all candidates for certification must also submit the following:

  1. An archetypal character study of a real or fictional person, representing the qualities of a particular flower essence theme
  2. A plant study to be submitted at any time prior to, or with the submission of other certification materials.
  3. A reading and matriculation fee of $300 (USD).

If you are currently engaged in the certification process, we recommend that you create a bookmark/favorite in your browser to be able to return to this page for future reference.

Advanced Studies Certification Program

We are pleased to provide a second level of certification for certified practitioners in the Flower Essence Society. Our goal is to move to a further level of proficiency in flower essence therapy, recognizing those certified practitioners who wish to deepen their study with FES, or who are working in their communities in an area of specialty.

Each year the Flower Essence Society offers one or more advanced courses in specific areas of healing and research, such as aromatherapy and flower essences, plant signatures and related aspects of Nature Science, dream work and flower essences, and color healing and flowers. We will also focus on work with particular populations such as children, animals, or elderly; or specialized arenas of healing such as drug addiction, homelessness and displacement from community and family, war aftermath or other forms of post-trauma stress, domestic violence, human sexuality and the soul, environmental toxins and ecological healing, hospice care, mental health, autism, physical diseases and soul evolution, community service and collective healing.

The goal of the research and teaching efforts in the FES Advanced Studies Program, is to accelerate practitioner awareness and expertise, so that the soul-spiritual gift of flower essence therapy moves directly into the heart of humanity and into the heart of the earth, especially its current forms of suffering and related challenges.

Credits are designated according to curriculum hours for each course. Accrual of 80 or more hours is required to be granted an Advanced Studies Certificate from the Flower Essence Society. Credits for the FES Advanced Studies Program will be accounted for anyone attending, whether or not you are still in process with FES certification, or intend to pursue certification later. However, the final certificate for the FES Advanced Studies Program is awarded to those who have completed the certification program of the FES Professional Course.

This program also recognizes independent study from those practitioners who may wish to contribute to our body of research through presentations of healing work they have done in their own communities, such as social service projects using flower essence therapy. To make proposals for such study, please contact FES directly.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to receive my certificate! I decided to devote my life to the work with flower essences. Becoming an FES certified practitioner not only will bring credit to my work, but also – and what is most important for me – the process was a great opportunity to know myself a lot better.
— Anete Effting, Blumenau, Brazil

...looking at each session and each case from many different angles, was a voyage of discovery.  What seemed daunting at first became a researcher’s tool of discovery. ...I found that the really important and deep insights came when I was doing the various write-ups after the sessions. One is dealing with a process consisting of three steps: being active and involved during the consultation, writing down one’s notes and seeing them reflected, then out of this dialogue new insight arises.
— Barbara Schuster, Sarsfield, Canada

The case study program has been enormously helpful for deepening my insights and professionalism. ... Work on all of my cases has helped to open my heart and increase my compassion for others. This is a priceless gift. I am proud of my affiliation with you. Thanks again for being a part of that!
— Autumn Sunshine Evans, Charlotte, NC


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