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  Awakening the Holographic Human; Nature's Path to Healing & Higher Consciousness
  The North American Flower Essences for Pets
  Updated Publications by Esteemed Practitioner Gudrun Penselin
  Book review: Bach Flower Remedies & the Patterning of Water
  Foreword written by Patricia Kaminski to Dr. Laura Cutullo's book on using flower essences with animals
  Preface written by Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski to Il grande libro dei fiori californiani
  Flower Essences; They Are All About Relationship - An e-book by Jane Ellen
  Julia Graves Introduces Her New Book The Language of Plants
  Richard Katz Reviews Thinking Like a Plant
  Announcing the publication of The Hidden Geometry of Flowers

Book Review: Healing the Family with Bach Flower Essences
by Soo Hwa Yeo

Floral Acupuncture: Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites
by Deborah Craydon and Warrren Bellows
Signature Energy Work: Accessing, Evaluating, and Transforming the Personal Energy Field
by Dr. Cora B. Llera, D.C.
Calix: International Journal of Flower Essence Therapy
Members' Online Repertory
The Complete Teething Guide
from Birth to Adolescence by Kathy Arnos
Chapter 6, Energy Medicine III: Flower Essence Therapy—
Excerpt from The Natural Medicine Guide to Anxiety by Stephanie Marohn
Flowforms, The Rhythmic Power of Water
by John Wilkes
About Formative Forces in the Plant World
by Dick van Romunde
Bach Flower Remedies for Children by Barbara Mazzarella
Julian Barnard's new book Bach Flower Remedies: Form & Function
Messages from Water—The Pioneering Research of Dr. Masaru Emoto
"Guidelines for Emotional Detoxification" Chapter 8 from The Healthy Living Space;" 70 Practical Ways to Detoxify the Body and Home" by Richard Leviton Featuring an interview with Patricia Kaminski 

Glory to the Flowers! An interview with the writer and artist of this inspiring book

Spiritual Gardening: An Interview with Judith Handelsman


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