After reading your booklet "Helping Today's Child", what would you recommend for a child that continues to suck her thumb and puts her other hand up in front of her face to hide the fact that she is sucking her thumb? I had suggested Chestnut Bud and Larch, but what else could you recommend?

April 15, 2002

Of course, without meeting and spending some time with the child, it is not possible to make a responsible recommendation that is specific for that child's history and present situation. Nonetheless, we are happy to make some suggestions which may be of help to you and others in your situation.

As Patricia described in her answer to the question about nailbiting, there are several levels at which you can address this issue. First there are essences which deal with breaking habits. You mentioned Chestnut Bud, and you might also consider Walnut and Morning Glory.

Next, consider essences which address the underlying fears or anxieties. Pink Monkeyflower is an excellent remedy for feelings of shame, as evidenced by the child's desire to hide her behavior. Mariposa Lily should be considered if she is expressing a need for more mothering.

Finally, consider how to build the child's self-confidence and develop new ways of self-expression. Larch, as you suggested, is a good choice. You may also consider Sunflower, if there are issues with the father, or Fairy Lantern, if the child seems resistant to growing up.

Richard Katz

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