What’s the "science" behind flower essences?

December 21, 2005

There are several ways to approach a scientific understanding of flower essences:

A. Clinical reports and studies

The most extensive scientific information we have about the effects of flower essences comes from empirical evidence:

1) Clinical reports from flower essence practitioners in many countries, a sample of which can be found on the Flower Essence Society web site at

2) Clinical outcomes studies such as the Depression study in Calix, volume 1, Flower Essence Society, 2004, pp. 89-106

3) Double-blind placebo studies, such as the stress and environmental sensitivity studies done by Dr. Jeffrey Cram

Cram, J. R. “A psychological and metaphysical study of Dr. Edward Bach’s flower essence stress formula.” Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine Journal, Volume 11, No. 1 and Cram, J. R.. “Effects of two flower essences on high intensity environmental stimulation and EMF.” Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine Journal, Volume 12, No. 3., also available at

B. Evidence that water carries information

The idea that water can be a carrier of information was the subject of pioneering and controversial studies by the French scientist, Dr. Jacques Benveniste. (See Schiff, Michel, The Memory of Water: Homoeopathy and the Battle of Ideas in the New Science. Thorsons, London, 1995). Some researchers have suggested that the clustering effect of water, the bonds between molecules, may be involved in the “memory of water phenomenon,” and that this might be a partial explanation for the effects of highly dilute homeopathic remedies. In a similar way, the water that is the matrix for the flower essence carries the energetic imprint of the flowers used to prepare the essence. This is a promising area for further research.

C. Evidence that emotions affect human physiology with profound health consequences is now widely accepted. The field of “psychoneuroimmunology” studies the effects of psychological stress on the functioning of the immune system. One good reference in the field of mind-body medicine is Pert, Candace, Phd, Molecules of Emotion, The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1999. Flower essence therapy is founded on the knowledge that emotions and attitudes are key factors in health and wellness.

Richard Katz

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