How have people figured out the different properties of flowers?

May 16, 2006

Dr. Bach did his pioneering work in the 1930s developing the qualities of his flower remedies out of his sensitivity as a healer, a capacity to empathize with the suffering of others, and his ability to feel the healing properties of the plants. In recent decades, flower essences have been developed by many different methods and standards, ranging from psychic channeling to personal impressions.

The Flower Essence Society, which has been researching flower essence properties since 1978, has two primary flower essence research methods. First, FES makes a thorough study of the flower essence plant, including its botanical characteristics, color, shape, fragrance, growth pattern, relationship to its environment, medicinal and herbal uses, biochemistry, and historical lore. This study includes extensive observation of the plant in its natural habitat, as well as contemplation and meditation on the qualities embodied by the plant that may be expressed in its flower essence. For more information, please read The Twelve Windows of Plant Perception.

The second aspect of FES flower essence research is monitoring the clinical experience of people using the essence to corroborate, revise and/or refine the initial impressions of the flower essence qualities. Only after a consistent pattern of reports from flower essence practitioners confirms the indications for a particular flower essence, is it considered to have “graduated” from the status of a research essence and become an essence for which specific indications can be published. Even so, further understandings from plant study and clinical reports continue to assist in developing and refining flower essence indications.

Richard Katz

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