Do you have any more information as to what essences would be useful for post-surgical care?

May 18, 2006

Unlike standard herbal remedies and pharmaceuticals, flower essences are chosen primarily by their correlation with our emotions and attitudes, rather than specific physical conditions.  Their “pathway” is through our psyche, or soul. However, their effects ripple through our physical well-being as well.  Thus, while there is no flower essence for back pain, for example, someone suffering from back pain may find relief after taking flower essences that address issues of excessive stress, worry or anxiety.

Following is a list of some of the lead essences utilized for post surgical care. One may also wish to use the Affirm a Flower affirmations written by Patricia Kaminski that are designed to direct intention and attention toward positive manifestation and realization of one’s potential. This soul process does not avoid or bypass illness and suffering; rather, it strengthens (makes firm) the structures of the soul for meeting these challenges.

Arnica—releasing armoring from parts of the body or psyche which have been deeply wounded or traumatized; to instill etheric wholeness after surgery or accidents

Echinacea—re-building core Self when damaged from extreme trauma, major surgery or other devastation; bringing strength when deeply shattered

Impatiens—“At all times when there is impatience. …This state is common and often a good sign during convalescence and the restfulness this remedy brings hastens recovery. There is often impatience in severe pain and so Impatiens is of great value at those times to relieve the pain and calm the patient.” Dr. Edward Bach from The Twelve Healers and Four Helpers, 1933.

Magenta Healer—a formula undergoing research that is being used increasingly for post-operative recovery and deep regenerative healing

All of the flowers used in this formula are within the magenta spectrum, a color of enormous vitality that is directly connected to the etheric life body. The formula is comprised of Self-Heal, Sierra Primrose, Echinacea, Pedicularis, and Love-Lies-Bleeding flower essences, and Helichrysum essential oil.

Olive—physical renewal after exhaustive illness; recuperation from major surgery or trauma

Self-Heal—core remedy to ignite self-responsibility in the healing process, especially to encourage the belief that one can be healed; to break over-dependence on therapist or therapies

Star of Bethlehem—for the shock and trauma of the surgical experience; provides comfort and reassurance from the spiritual world

Walnut—making major transitions in the healing process; supporting profound transformation and re-ordering of life

Yarrow Environmental Solution—to address the disturbance of life-force and vitality as a result of radiation or chemical and pharmacological exposures in the surgical and recuperative processes

References: Flower Essence Repertory and Affirm a Flower affirmation cards by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz © Flower Essence Society, available from Flower Essence Services,

Patricia Kaminski

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