How often should one take their dose of flower essences? Is the effect improved if one takes a greater quantity?

January 17, 2006

Flower essences are most activated by frequency of application. For emergency situations we may recommend dosing every hour, but the standard dose is four drops taken four times daily. Even one or two times daily are very effective for most situations. 

More important than the “amount” of the essence is the interval or pulsation – establishing regular rhythmic pulsations for the frequency to enter and be received. Thus we recommend finding times of greatest receptivity – the two most typically effective are just upon arising in the morning and just before going to bed.

Other than getting more alcohol (or other preservative) in your system there isn’t value in taking “more”  at one time. One must keep in mind that we are talking about a vibrational threshold for having the remedy enter your energetic system, as opposed to a given quantity of material substance in the manner that we typically think of in terms of a medication.

The maintenance of flower essence doses varies with each individual and intensity of the situation – 4 drops 4 times a day is the basic standard. However, our 25 years of research shows effectiveness with less frequency in many clients (i.e. only twice a day). On the other hand, emergency states or acute situations require frequent doses in order to stabilize the client (typically once per hour during the most acute phase). 

I personally tend to favor a slower, more incremental approach to absorption of flower essences and in many situations recommend dosing twice a day. One reason for this is that many lead such hectic lives, there may be only two reasonably open portals in the soul life of most typical clients (first thing in the morning, and last thing before going to sleep).

Also, most modern medical healing as well as general lifestyle habits in the modern world bypass deeper soul process – whether it’s eating, driving, or going to the doctor, we want our fix now and the faster the better. Going slower sets up a different rhythm, that is in itself a healing measure. Even if the continuity of a vibrational frequency is not maintained all day, the new pattern enters one’s field and that entry will gradually build its own momentum and “voice.”


Patricia Kaminski

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