Can flower essences be used as a complement to classical homeopathy, or is it better to allow a singular “signal” of the homeopathic when working on emotional layers with high-potencies?

May 1, 2003

Our research and contact with practitioners in the Flower Essence Society indicates that there is a whole spectrum of healing approaches regarding the use of flower essences in conjunction with homeopathic remedies. Some classical homeopaths do not choose to use flower essences, in order to assess the exact impact of a single homeopathic remedy. Other homeopathic practitioners use the flower essences at certain intervals in their work with a client, to address emotional issues that have surfaced in the healing process. Still other therapists use flower essences in tandem with homeopathic remedies, relying on each modality for different healing qualities. In general, practitioners in our Society recognize flower essences as distinct from homeopathic remedies, with a more pronounced ability to stimulate soul levels of emotional awareness within the individual.

The Flower Essence Society Referral Network can guide you to other practitioners for further inquiry regarding the complementary nature of flower essence therapy and homeopathy. You can access that Network at the following address:

Understanding the differences between homeopathy and flower essence therapy - not only in theory, but in actual practice - is an important, ongoing field of inquiry for the Flower Essence Society. We welcome your casework on the use of flower essence therapy in conjunction with homeopathy.

Patricia Kaminski

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