The Dr. Edward Bach Institute's position is that Bach died with a sense of peace that he had established a “complete system of healing” in the 38 remedies, implying that there are 38 unique “emotional states” one can fall into. This is what I learned in the Level III Bach training. What has been FES's experience with other essences?

May 1, 2003

Dr. Bach made a remarkable contribution to flower essence therapy which occured during the final seven years of his life, developing 38 flower essence remedies. His writings indicate that at several intervals during the development of these remedies, he considered the work complete, but then added further remedies to his system. Dying an untimely death at the age of 50, we cannot say with certainty that the system was truly finished, or what Dr. Bach would have meant by the term “complete.” Certainly it was "finished" with regard to what Dr. Bach was able to complete in his lifetime.

Like Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who was the founder of homeopathy, Bach pioneered a completely new way of healing. However, the work of all great founders continues to develop after their death. The Flower Essence Society has not replaced the original work of Dr. Bach, but has expanded the range of therapeutic tools through research and development of North American remedies for over 25 years.

The Society has conducted extensive field studies of native and naturalized plants from North America and has documented many cases provided by practitioners on the clinical validity of these flower essences. The focus of the Flower Essence Society has been the development of new plant remedies to heal contemporary soul conditions - they are typically used in conjunction with the original Bach flower essences, or alone, according the specific emotional needs of each individual. Practitioners can remain free to assess for themselves whether any or all of these remedies are suitable for their practices.


Patricia Kaminski

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