Are there any research essences which appear to be indicated for women traumatized by Cesarean births?

June 13, 2002

In answer to your question we can say that the research essence Scarlet Fritillary, Fritillaria recurva, is very helpful combined with Indian Paintbrush to help in recovery from painful or prolonged labor or Cesarean birth. In addition, it is helpful for integrating a positive "masculine" element in pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. Scarlet Fritillary is especially indicated if a woman is anemic, physically weak, exhausted, or there is poor lactation. It brings vital "red" forces to the mothering experience.

In addition these other essences can be helpful:

California Wild Rose Rosa californica
For the ability to anchor a new life on Earth; for difficult pregnancies or births, to help the incarnating soul feel the call of love and human warmth on earth. Apply topically to the heart during pregnancy and to the heart and fontanel of newborn child. Topical applications of California Wild Rose and Shooting Star to the fontanel are especially important for children who are delivered via Cesarean method.

Five-Flower Formula (AKA Rescue Remedy)
General all-purpose formula for all states of emergency or stress during pregnancy. Extremely beneficial during labor for the mother and attendants to stay calm and centered. Helpful for challenging, stressful or atypical birth situations such as premature birth, or delivery via Cesarean section—to foster calm and reduce stress.

Shooting Star Dodecatheon hendersonii
To prevent miscarriage at any stage of pregnancy, for trauma during labor or Cesarean birth. Especially indicated when the incarnating soul of the child appears conflicted about coming to earth, and about being in a physical body.

Patricia Kaminski

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