Where can I find out more about Dr. Edward Bach and his flower essences?

January 19, 2005

The Bach Flower Research Programme website, sponsored by The Twelve Healers Trust, is a beautiful collage of information, multi-media presentations and interactive features “dedicated to furthering [the] understanding of the Bach flower remedies. It has been planned as a repository for knowledge and information, as a forum for discussion and as a stimulus to research.” The site exudes a warm, welcoming feeling and practitioners are openly invited to participate by making contributions based on their own areas of expertise or knowledge.

The website is easily navigated with extensive, accessible information in a variety of presentations. While still in the process of development, one could spend many pleasant hours listening to Julian Barnard and Nikki Murray speak of the 38 remedies, read selections from the electronic library (downloadable versions are available as well), view dynamic, beautiful video presentations, spend time with flower photographs, and explore methods of essence selection.

We thank The Twelve Healers Trust for making this extraordinary storehouse of information available to all of us interested in Dr. Bach’s work and the ongoing study of flower essence therapy.

Patricia Kaminski

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