What is the Flower Essence Society's opinion on the use of electro-dermal screening and the dispensation of the vibrations of flower essences generated from a computer and bottled for dosage?

May 1, 2003

The Flower Essence Society does not issue answers per se but rather gives perspectives and opinions—practitioners of flower essence therapy should feel free to choose for themselves how and with what they will practice.

This selection and administration technique clearly has a value in the spectrum of choices available but mainly seems to apply to Stage 1 of the Flower Essence Transformational Process; that being the level of release, relaxation or rejuvenation—physical effects—and in this way it works more like homeopathy in shifting energy around.

The electrical field, as measured by electro-dermal screening, is some component of the etheric body but "electrical" does not equal etheric. Some electricity is measured but the etheric body is more than that—this life force cannot be put in a box—or measured in this way. Flower essences make an impact between the etheric and astral bodies, changing energy patterns, and can therefore impact the physical body. The Flower Essence Society doesn't discount this method but the "box" is bigger—more mysterious. Personally we would not work this way, it's not the whole story for us. Additionally, we prefer a more artistic approach to the work with flower essences, and this particular process referred to here is not artistic.

Problematically speaking, one remedy working for a particular person may not provide healing for another. The question is what has been impacted or shifted at a deeper level, have deeper changes occurred with this process? The Flower Essence Society is all for alternative methods of flower essence therapy but would not say the aforementioned process is the only way, or the end-all, especially for deep issues.

Patricia Kaminski

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