How can I use flower essences with special little people who have Downs Syndrome?

Aug 10, 1999

Based on my own experience and that of other therapists with whom I have consulted over the years, it is highly important when working with Down's Syndrome children, that the therapy include consideration for the family and caretakers as well. Helping these persons to communicate / understand / respect / love the unique soul qualities of the Down's Syndrome person may be the single most important part of the healing/help for the child. In fact, many have offered the perspective that souls with Down's Syndrome may actually be here as teachers, helping us to shift to a way of relating that is increasingly foreign to our culture: one that does not draw on the brain or intellect but the heart. Down's Syndrome individuals have an incredible capacity for pure feeling and simplicity. By shifting our soul perspective and living in their world, so very much in the name of true healing is done. For this ability to listen and to learn, thereby eliciting a true soul rapport with the Down's syndrome individual, the flower essences of Cosmos, Star Tulip, Yellow Star Tulip and Calendula are of great benefit.

Of course the other perspective which is equally valid and can be addressed very successfully in the therapy, is to encourage the full extent of learning capacity of the Down's individual. This learning does not come through the typical pathways of the brain but nevertheless amazing strides can be made when the love, communication and respect factors are inherent in the process. The essences most helpful in this sense for the Down's individual are Cosmos, Angelica, Chestnut Bud, Madia, Shasta Daisy, and Rabbitbrush. Also very beneficial for such individuals are Penstemon, Blackberry and Wild Rose to give the will, vitality and determination to continue to accomplish and learn on one's own soul terms.

Of course all of these essences are only general suggestions - each individual is unique and no set of "general" essences will ever replace the specific creative process which the therapist discovers with each and every Down Syndrome individual. When this rapport is established many other essences will be helpful according to the specific needs of the individual.

Patricia Kaminski

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