What flower essences might be useful for the emotional states of Asperger’s Syndrome?

April 12, 2006

Asperger's Syndrome is a complex set of symptoms with both physiological and emotional components that are unique to each person who has been diagnosed with the syndrome. As Dr. Bach counseled, it is important that we treat the individual not the disease. Therefore, specific recommendation for a particular case cannot be made, but we can offer general information based upon our research and practitioner reports.

It is very important that you refer your client to a nutritional expert, as well as help with flower essences. Many of the physical symptoms are related to pronounced allergies, intestinal disturbances such as candida, or brain dysfunction due to a  deficiency in essential fatty acids and Omega 3 and Omega 6 balance. You can familiarize yourself with these topics through an internet search. 

Regarding the use of flower essences the two most important areas  involve helping to calm and center the core identity of the individual and the development of greater emotional expressiveness and social interaction. 

The best over-all remedy  is Five-Flower Formula. Significant trauma, on-going stress or abuse during birth or in early childhood may be a factor. If so, Arnica, Echinacea, Shooting Star, Mariposa Lily, Splendid Mariposa, Angelica, Rosemary, Indian Pink, California Wild Rose, Green Rose, Lewisia and St. John's Wort are also strong considerations.

To foster greater emotional expressiveness and social interaction, the following flower essences are fundamental:  Cosmos, Trumpet Vine, Downy Avens, Larch,  Mallow, Yellow Star Tulip,  Iris, Fuchsia, Lemon, Milkweed, and Quaking Grass.

Note: Splendid Mariposa, Green Rose, Lewisia, Downy Avens and Lemon are in the research category of essences.  Members can access further information for all of the above with the exception of Lemon at
Patricia Kaminski

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