What flower essences can be used following general anesthesia and surgery?

May 2, 2005

While I cannot make a specific diagnosis or recommendation for your personal situation, I can indicate those essences which have been reported to be the most effective following surgery:

Five-Flower Formula—good for pre- and post-operative, helps to calm and center the body-soul complex

YES (Yarrow Environmental Solution)— to rebuild the immune system, especially if laser or radiation or other high-tech surgical intervention is involved, helps with disruption from technological procedures, intense light, heat or other environmental challenges of surgery and hospitalization

Arnica—helps reconnect soul consciousness with body and cellular levels of reality, often severely disrupted during surgery and anesthesia

Self-Heal—generally good flower essence to speed the healing process

Self-Heal Cream with Arnica and/or Star of Bethlehem—to heal scar tissue from surgery—use topically after the wound is sufficiently closed

Glassy Hyacinth—currently classified as a research essence, good indications for deeper levels of post-trauma stress following surgery, especially if surgery was unexpected, the result of a sudden accident, or entailed medical complications along with emotional shock

Patricia Kaminski

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