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Recently, I discovered a report listed in the database of the US National Institutes of Health; it claimed that the flower remedies failed to demonstrate any effects beyond a placebo response. I am shocked by the result and I wondered if there are any factors that caused the result to be biased against flower remedies.

Are there any particular considerations for storing flower essences?

What flower essences might be useful for the emotional states of Asperger’s Syndrome?

Do you have any more information as to what essences would be useful for post-surgical care?

How did people figure out the different properties of flowers?

How often should one take their dose of flower essences? Is the effect improved if one takes a greater quantity?

What’s the "science" behind flower essences?

I am considering doing research using flower essences. However, I've never done a specific study. Can you give me some guidelines or suggestions?

Can individuals with mental illnesses taking psychiatric or psychotropic medications also successfully use flower essences?

How can flower essences be used if I have alcohol sensitivity?

What flower essences can be used following general anesthesia and surgery?

Where can I find out more about Dr. Edward Bach and his flower essences?

When using an essence on animals, they are not consciously "aware" of being treated, as a human would be. Although it may be unethical in some cases, would using flower essences on another person, without their permission, still be effective if you were quite sure of what essence to use? We use them on children without their conscious knowledge as well. My question is: will they be more effective with conscious knowledge of possible results?

What are some of the lead essences used for conception and pregnancy?

Do flower essences work with the lack of libido many menopausal women experience, and how is this issue generally approached in flower essence therapy?

If any aspect of a plant is poisonous or causes some kind of dysfunction, couldn't it be assumed that the flower itself has detrimental properties?

Are there essences that have proven helpful for people suffering from schizophrenia?

Are there flower essences that tend to be more cathartic in effect?

Are flower essences safe to use with newborn babies? If so, what are some of the commonly used essences?

Can flower essence therapy be helpful for dyslexia?

My friend has a wonderful plant that she has been growing for quite some time. She has just experienced a traumatic divorce from an abusive husband, and now the plant is blooming for the first time in many years, coincidentally, now that this man is gone. I was wondering if I should try and make an essence for her from the plant, and wish to know your opinion regarding my idea.

Can flower essences be used as a complement to classical homeopathy, or is it better to allow a singular “signal”of the homeopathic when working on emotional layers with high-potencies?

What essences would best correspond to natrum muriaticum?

The Dr. Edward Bach Institute's position is that Bach died with a sense of peace that he had established a “complete system of healing” in the 38 remedies, implying that there are 38 unique “emotional states”one can fall into. This is what I learned in the Level III Bach training. What has been FES's experience with other essences?

How do I administer flower essences to my pet?

How can we tune into the emotions of animals when they cannot talk to us?

What essences can help bedwetting children?

How can I use flower essences with people who have Downs Syndrome?

What flower essences can I use for a child who bites his nails?

What flower essences do you suggest for a child who sucks her thumb?

Can antidepressants in any way interfere with the effectiveness of the flower essences?

How can flower essence therapy help those of us with sensitivity to electromagnetic fields?

Is it advisable to let clients know about the possibility of an "awareness crisis" or emotional catharsis with flower essences?

What does it mean to say that flower essences are "potentized"?

What is the Flower Essence Society's opinion on the use of electro-dermal screening and the dispensation of the vibrations of flower essences generated from a computer and bottled for dosage?

How can flower essences help Alzheimer's patients?

As a psychiatric nurse how would I begin to utilize flower essence therapy in my work with people showing "sociopathic" personalities?

Are there any research essences which appear to be indicated for women traumatized by Cesarean births?

What success has been reached with the use of flower essences for treatment of fibromyalgia?



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