Caring for exotic animals, especially felines, is the passion that drives the volunteers at Animazonia Wildlife Foundation. Since 1987, they have provided sanctuary and permanent homes for cougars, tigers, lions, leopards, snakes, wolf hybrids and even the occasional wild bird.

Claudia Naber is one of the original core group of volunteers who have been working together since the early 1980s. With a common interest in nature, a love for animals and the willingness to spend whatever it took to care for the animals, they apprenticed to several experienced animal handlers and veterinarians. In 1987, they purchased a 5-acre facility and constructed housing for wild cats, following USDA and Fish and Game regulations.

Claudia Naber with Magic in the background

From the very start, it was the goal of Animazonia’s volunteers to provide the best care possible for all the animals at their sanctuary. For this reason, the number of animals that reside at the sanctuary is limited. They currently care for two lionesses, Saba and Sheba, a black leopard named Magic, and Eden, a Siberian tiger. They also care for several snakes including a 14 foot long, 120 pound Burmese python. Each animal came to Animazonia with a unique story, usually the result of situations caused by people who mishandled the animals or were unprepared for the intense requirements of caring for a wild animal.


Holistic awareness of the animals is a prime focus for the Animazonia caregivers. They are constantly exploring ways to support the physical, emotional and mental levels of each animal. In addition to housing and large arenas for play, natural foods, supplements and purified water are the basics of daily care. A combination of veterinarian care, using conventional medication and alternative approaches, allows the maximum flexibility in handling the complex issues that are inherent in handling wild animals of any sort.

Claudia started learning about and using flower essences for herself and was able to share this knowledge with other Animazonia volunteers. They first used flower essences with their show dogs, primarily Five-Flower Formula, which helped keep the dogs calm in the stressful situations that surround showing animals. Now, the volunteers at Animazonia use essences daily with the other animals, especially the cats who seem to be very receptive to the subtle effects of flower essences.

The Five-Flower Formula flowers (clockwise from top):
Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Clematis

They have used Five-Flower Formula in many situations:

  • Magic, the black leopard, experiences stress when there is any change of routine, which could be as simple as a visit by an educational tour conducted for children or extremes in weather like thunderstorms. When Animazonia caregivers add Five-Flower Formula to her water or spray her with a gentle mist, she will remain calm in spite of these disruptions to her tranquil life.
  • Saba and Sheba, the lionesses, stopped eating when large earth-moving machines started working in the neighborhood. Volunteers started misting the cats with Five-Flower Formula at mealtime; the cats settled down and were able to eat without agitation.
  • Saba had a corneal transplant last year. As she was recuperating, Five-Flower Formula was sprayed directly into her mouth as often as possible. This helped keep her calm so that we could administer antibiotics, pain medicine and anti-inflammatories.

Other essences which have proven successful are—

Chestnut Bud
Assisted Magic in recuperating from surgery and restoring her to optimum health. This helped her to create new habits and patterns.



Given to Sheba in a constitutional remedy comprised of Holly, Cherry Plum and Willow as a general calming formula.


Cherry Plum
To ease general stress.



To help the cats deal easily with changes.




A constitutional remedy for Saba. This is traditionally given to strong people who struggle on although exhausted. We believe this remedy helped Saba rest and recuperate as she healed from her surgeries.


Helps ease nervousness for dogs encountering new situations and people.



Yarrow Environmental Solution
Used for the Arabian mare on the Animazonia property for disturbances coming from the surrounding environment. Yarrow Environmental Solution helps calm her when the Santa Ana Winds blow and down tree branches nearby.

The YES flowers (clockwise from top):
Yarrow, Pink Yarrow, Echinacea, Arnica, Golden Yarrow

Animazonia Wildlife Foundation is an all-volunteer, non-profit foundation, dedicated to providing sanctuary and a permanent home for exotic felines, birds, snakes and other animals. Located in Perris, California, about 50 miles east of Los Angeles, the Foundation is fully licensed by California Department of Fish and Game and the U.S Department of Agriculture. With no paid staff, all of the monies donated to Animazonia go to the care of the animals.


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