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  Solidarity Social Work with Flower Essences
Bringing Flower Essences and Hope to Survivors of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines
Bringing Flower Essences to Nepal
Cambodia Acupuncture Project: Introducing acupuncture and flower essences to a country recovering from civil war and genocide

The Development of Flower Essence Therapy in Serbia

Lack of self esteem after a divorce transforms to a positive transition to a new life
Case report by Ruzica Bogicevic

Becoming aware of the father influence and healing relationships with men
Case report by Jelena Ivanovic

From anger, fear and insecurity to renewed energy and focus
Case report by Snezana Negic

Working as a Childbirth Educator in Mexico; a report by Allison Bastien
Ongoing Relief Aid Efforts in Haiti by Julia Graves
The ACESA Project in Capuava Brazil; the remarkable benefits of flower essence therapy for individuals with disabilities and their community by Vania de Grande

Relief Aid Volunteers Use Flower Essences in the Devastated Areas of Eastern Japan by Mitose Komura

Experiencing the Great East Japan Earthquake
by Kumi Tamagawa

A Ray of Hope: A practitioner's firsthand report on volunteer disaster aid in Japan by Chie Itoya

Hands of Love: Volunteer aid workers use flower essences and herbal oils in the aftermath of disaster by Kaori Nagata

Flower Essence Therapy Helps Village Women in Angola
Helping the People of Haiti:
the Remarkable Use of Flower Essences
Flower Essence Therapists Play Vital Role
in Emergency Relief Following Floods in Brazil
Helping the People of Haiti: Using Flower Essences for Earthquake Relief Aid
Report on the Relief Efforts with Flower Essence Therapy for the Sichuan Earthquake in China
Challenging But Fulfilling: Social Service Work in Guanajuato, Mexico
A Journey with Flower Essences and Painting—
Working to transform the lives of young women with disabilities
Working with the Children at Project Moendy
Using Flower Essences at Lar Do Nenen (“Babies' Home")
A Visit to Our South American Neighbors: A Photo-Essay by Richard Katz
Volunteer Work with Families at Acortar Distancias
A report by Denise Paillaud

Re-tracing Dr. Bach's Footsteps: My Visit to Wales

Working with Flower Essence Therapy in Chile

Essences Aid in Animal Rescue Work in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
Flower Essence Therapy and Hospice Work in Chennai, India: A Report by Bonnie Lewallen
Address to Brazilian Flower Essence Practitioners Conference
by Patricia Kaminski & Richard Katz


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