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I cannot imagine how long it took to put that entire book [Flower Essence Repertory] online, and cross referenced the way it is, with pictures. What a tremendous loving and generous feat!! Many thanks for that, I can’t actually express the depth of my feelings, that you have put that book up for members for free. It is a lovely and highly functional offering to us all and to the flowers!! Thank you so much!

Jane Sherry, Satya Center,


FES Members' Online Repertory
by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz

The Flower Essence Repertory is the result of nearly a quarter century of clinical research by the Flower Essence Society. We receive written and verbal reports from practitioners in various parts of the world, including many in-depth longitudinal case studies.

The Repertory was first published in 1986, and has been been revised and expanded four times based on our ever-evolving understanding of the flower essences.

The Repertory is available in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Japanese. A new edition of the English Repertory is currently in process. Members of the Flower Essence Society will be automatically notified when it is available. Meanwhile you will find this online edition to be a valuable resource, with search functions not available in the printed version, as well as color photographs of the flowers.

This online version contains a complete selection guide by categories, with links to essence descriptions. There are cross references to related categories, and a link-back feature from each essence to the categories under which it appears. Additionally, the informative first section of the Repertory, "Overview of Flower Essence Theory and Practice," is available as a 100+ page Adobe Acrobat file.

The Members' Online Repertory is available free to all current Flower Essence Society members. If you are not yet a member, please sign up online. Members will be prompted to log in with a user name and password. If your membership has expired, you will be able to renew online.

How to use the Members' Online Repertory
(adapted from the print version)

The Flower Essence Repertory contains over 3200 entries, grouped according to basic soul issues, situations, and age or population groups that share common themes. This feature includes a broad range of topics, but it should not be viewed as an exhaustive compendium. It would hardly be possible to capture the countless subtle states of consciousness associated with flower essences, requiring a book not unlike a dictionary or encyclopedia. Instead, the Repertory is intended to survey general categories that can be considered in a practical yet creative manner to assist flower essence selection. If you have suggestions for important new categories or cross references for our new edition, please send them to us by

The first step in using the Repertory is to identify the major soul issues through counseling and self-reflection. During a client interview, it can be helpful to jot down key words or phrases used by the client and impressions of gestures and voice qualities, which give clues to important emotional issues.

The next step is to look under each appropriate listing on the main page to find the descriptions of specific soul issues and corresponding flower essences within that category. This should be done with an attitude of exploration and dialogue. "Is it a fear of things that are known (Mimulus) or unknown (Aspen)? Is it a fear of the hostility of others (Oregon Grape), or a fear that one's own powerful emotions may erupt (Scarlet Monkeyflower)?" These inquiries can be part of the questioning process used to select essences for another person, and can help elicit further conversation and insights. As the essence choice is narrowed down, such questions can help confirm the accuracy of the selection.

Note that some entries address the negative state of mind, some the transformed state that is the goal, and some include both polarities. It is important that we become familiar with the bipolar nature of flower essences: both the state of imbalance and the positive or transformative potential. In selecting appropriate essences we may start with the positive goal, and then uncover the emotional or mental pattern that blocks this purpose. Alternatively, we may start with the client's pattern of imbalance or suffering, and then determine the positive quality that needs to be developed. Therefore, the category listings are a mixture of both positive and negative indications for the essences.

Consider each statement and evaluate whether it is appropriate. If a description seems close, but not totally applicable to the situation, make note of it anyway. You may find another interpretation of the essence's qualities that seems more suitable. As you survey the various categories related to the main soul issues, note any essences that appear in several listings. These may be important ones to consider.

Study also the related categories cross-referenced in the listings you check, marked as "See also . . ." You may find other appropriate essences, or new perspectives on essences you are considering. Be aware of the various kinds of categories: emotional and mental states (Anger, Clarity), situations (Emergency, Study), conditions (Alcoholism, Eating Disorders), themes (Materialism, Personal Relationships), practices (Massage, Meditation), populations (Animals, Children), or stages of life (Adolescence, Aging). Browsing the listings on the main page can assist you in locating appropriate categories.

After selecting an essence for consideration, consult the linked essence page for a succinct summary of the positive qualities and patterns of imbalance of each essence. This is particularly helpful if the entry read on the category page indicated only the positive or negative side of the polarity. Next, there is a listing of all of the categories under which that essence is listed. These cross-references can be helpful in understanding further applications of the essence, or may suggest related issues to consider. This can lead to a study of new categories, possibly revealing essences that can complement the selection. In this way the essence pages and category pages can be used reciprocally to create a more accurate selection.

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