The preparation of a flower essence is a soul journey more than a technique — a culmination of a quest that involves years of observing the plant, listening to its qualities, and finding the ideal habitat that will educe all its special virtues. The timing involved is an artful dance sprinkled with a fair amount of serendipity. Typically, the window for making a particular plant essence at its peak of bloom is only a few days in its annual cycle, but for many rare wildflowers the cycles are far beyond yearly ones.

The Desert Lily is one such example. While small populations can be found each spring in the desert, the bountiful etheric conditions we seek for making the plant essence are far more rare. We were first able to make the Desert Lily during the extraordinary El Nino year of 1998 when the lower deserts of California were graced with abundant rains. In the spring of 2005, the deserts were again blessed with remarkable rains.

It was a great adventure to return to the southern deserts this year, yet despite the abundance of blooms throughout the desert, we still did not know if we would be fortunate enough to make the Desert Lily flower essence. Each day the sky was filled with clouds, intermittent rains and fierce winds. We prayed that there would be the right opening, when all of the elements would come into harmonious balance. The perfect opportunity came on Wednesday, March 23, 2005.

Making any flower essence is an experience that words cannot adequately capture. For us, it is a time of deep communion with the plant — a time when we pray, meditate, chant, sing, sketch, observe, reflect and journal. It is not chronos or chronological time that we inhabit, but what the Greeks called holy time, or chiros. In these exquisite moments, we feel we are standing on the edge of a portal — a doorway into a world where human and elemental realms mingle. And, if our bodies and souls can be present in the right way to shepherd the process, then the gift is a flower medicine that can be offered to the world.

We have prepared a slide show with a few of the words and images that emerged as the Desert Lily medicine was being prepared. These words and images are far from complete, instead they are meant as an offering, and an introduction to some of the precious moments and qualities that permeated us as we made the Desert Lily flower essence.

The Desert Lily Slide Show

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