Report from Brazil Conference 2004


National Meeting of
Flower Essence Therapists

19 to 22 August, 2004
Sao Paulo, Brazil

This report was written originally in Portuguese by Cynthia Accioly Abu-Asseff and Ruth Toledo Altschuler, and translated into English by Patricia Wiesenthal. Photos were taken by Nacib Abu-Asseff (Bibo), Cynthia Abu-Asseff, Rosana Vieira, and Thais Carrazedo.

Vera Vianna, Cassia dos Santos, Rosana Vieira,
Ana Maria de Moura, Cynthia Accioly Abu-Asseff,
Fernanda Rocha Leao, Frances Feder and Ruth Toledo Altschuler

What forces are capable of gathering people from faraway and different places, in a powerful meeting of souls? What power is it that allows the uniqueness of each one of us to be appreciated, within an environment filled with so much trust and unity, providing space for an in-depth sharing of personal stories, longings, dreams and plans for the future?

Flower essences, with their message of balance, peace and re-union with what is essential in each person, defined the quality of this meeting: it was an unprecedented, co-created experience for each person in attendance.

From the flowers, from their power to eliminate barriers and open pathways, we experience healing moments, when separation disappears and there is an enhancement of the unique contribution of each individual. Together, we created a powerful spiral, which energized all of us, moving us forward in a confident spirit towards the next stages of our contribution. This spiral was intentionally expanded, blessing the city and the planet as a whole.

A meeting like no other before, gathers professionals with different expertise and contributions

Flower essence therapists from all over Brazil, joined this National Meeting "Acting in the World as a Flower Essence Therapist", from 19 to 22 August, in Sao Paulo. Young flower essence practitioners were present, looking forward to deepening their understanding about the use of flower essences; experienced flower essence practitioners came to recycle their knowledge and nourish their souls, meeting once again their spiritual family. National producers of flower essences were also present attending the meeting as well as flower essence therapists involved in the process of establishing associations and the regulation of our profession, teachers and professors at universities from which flower essence therapists have graduated, pharmacists who prepare flower essence dosage bottles, and also some of those people just in love with the flowers and with the healing that Mother Nature offers through flower essences.

From the large circle we formed, some chanced coming to the center, and offered creative speeches through their unique and singular expression. In just one single event, it would be impossible to include all the Brazilian practitioners who could contribute to this conference. Among the many speakers and teachers that offer courses in Brazil, some of us were chosen to speak, this time, we "jumped" right into the middle of the circle. Nobody held back: all speakers offered the best of themselves, creating unique and singular ways to convey their messages!

The place chosen to hold our meeting was the Conference Center B'nai B'rith, a Jewish charity institution, devoted to the defense of human rights and to human development since the beginning of the last century, placed in the heart of one of the most charming and traditional areas of Sao Paulo, known as Jardins (Gardens). It was an event marked by the beauty and colors of the flowers, by the depth, generosity, synchronicity, harmony and union among all.

Presenters at the Conference:
Frances Feder, Cynthia Accioly Abu-Asseff, Olympia Gimenes, Regina Nader,
Ruth Toledo Altschuler, Thais Accioly Carrazedo

Opening: bringing the flower who initiated us on this healing journey

The event started Thursday night with an opening ceremony in which the participants, two by two, shared with each other their personal healing journey through one specific flower essence. Right after, each person said aloud the name of his/her flower, bringing it to the circle! Thus, in a reverential attitude, honoring the healing process itself and the flower essence that assisted it, and at the same time blessing the circle, each one of us contributed to opening the National Meeting "Atuando no Mundo Como Terapeuta Floral" — "Acting in the World as a Flower Essence Therapist."

Dr. Bach's path as presented by Dr. Carmem Monari

In the same evening, Carmem Monari paid homage to Dr. Bach, telling us about his path on the way to the discovery of flower essences, his devotion as a researcher of such flowers and the healer he was, his philosophy, his love for nature and his belief in mankind and in the higher power of our divine essence!

A clarifying and deep approach on the uniqueness of this therapy

We started the following morning with the inspiring and expressive presence of the founders and directors of the Flower Essence Society, from California—Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski—through a letter specially written to this Brazilian Flower Essence Therapist Meeting. Our friend, an artist, expert in Sacred Circle Dances and translator Frances Feder, lent her voice to Patricia and Richard, reading the letter that clarifies and exalts the uniqueness of flower essence therapy.

Quoting just two small passages from the long letter by Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski to the conference:

" ... In short, when medicines are created from the realm of Nature's soul, they heal in a unique and remarkable manner within the realm of the human soul. ... "

" ... The end goal of flower essence therapy is not that we "fix" the client, or return the client "back" to a previous state of consciousness.  Our ultimate goal is to enable the client to birth entirely new parts of the Self, by transforming obstacles and challenges ...

Read the letter in its entirety here.

Frances Feder

The study of plant signatures, the observation of nature, the plants and their botanical families; deepening the understanding of the healing qualities of each flower

On the same day we also had the presence of Rosana Vieira, a Flower Essence Society authorized teacher in Brazil, who through the use of botanical knowledge, broadened our understanding of the healing through flower essences and triggered in us the interest to think, in our daily practice, about the resonance between the flowers in nature and the nature of the human soul.

Rosana Vieira

What distinguishes the preparation of a flower essence: essential differences concerning Homeopathy

The Pharmacist and flower essence therapist Maria Helena Barijan offered us a clarifying discourse about the basic differences between homeopathic medicines, phyto therapy and flower essences. We also received from Maria Helena a practical orientation about the preparation of dosage bottles.

What flower essences are: broadening the understanding about them from the most advanced current concepts; recognizing flower essences as genuine "fields of conciousness"

The flower essence therapist, as well as the producer and researcher of Flower Essences Filhas de Gaia, Maria Grillo, in a brave attitude, accepted our invitation to share with the flower essence therapists attending the meeting, her recent studies and researches based on Quantum Physics, Mathematics and Contemporary Philosophy, that enlarge the understanding on how flower essences interact with us, bringing along expressions that define more accurately the concept of flower essences. In her proposal, Maria takes us far beyond the writings of Dr. Richard Gerber and shows that the definition of flower essences as vibrational essences was a mistake that impoverishes and is not fair to the true nature of flower essences, in fact, they are "fields of consciousness."

Maria based her studies and her new theory on texts from Steven Weinberg, physicist ("Dreams of a Final Theory" 1992); David Chalmers, mathematician/philosopher, (The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory. Oxford University Press); David J. Chalmers, Department of Philosophy University of Arizona Tucson, and also on conclusions from Ken Wilber and Frijof Capra about the great leap in the philosophy of science fostered by the propositions of Chalmers. "What is interesting is that all these conclusions (referring to Wilber and Capra) can be applied perfectly to the flower essences . especially when we consider the concepts of morfic fields from Rupert Sheldrake," said Maria Grillo. Soon we will have some texts by Maria Grillo available on our website, with the fundaments that support this broadening understanding of flower essences.

Ethics and Soul Therapy

We closed Friday with a warm and touching speech given by Olympia Gimenes, bringing forth the challenging topic of Ethics in the light of Flower Essence Therapy. During her presentation, she reminded us, as a starting point, of the simplicity and respect towards differences. She talked over ever-lasting values from a contemporary perspective. Olympia finished her class with a song and an image show, following a sequence created by herself, with flowers and people like us, touching our hearts deeply and bringing up the best from within each one of us!

Case presentation, true stories that touch all

During the conference, returning from the coffee breaks, we spared 15 minutes to listen, moved, to stories and statements about lives transformed and enriched through continuing flower essence therapy. We particularly thank these three flower essence therapists who accepted our invitation to be here sharing their practical experience with us—Valeria Wagner, Regina Nader and Vera von Sothen. Those were moments uplifiting moments for us all.

Attunement and synchronicity; starting another day of co-creation on many levels

On Saturday, we started by reading a letter written by Steve Johnson and Jane Bell, producers and researchers of the Alaskan Flower Essence Project, once again interpeted by Frances Feder. The words from Steve and Jane touched in a deep way the hearts of all present and they finished the letter by guiding us through a meditation that put us in perfect alignment with Mother Nature, setting the tone for the day and the speeches that would follow. Quoting a small passage from Steve and Jane's letter:

"... In these troubled times, it is such a blessing to have these gifts from nature that can cue our systems to a higher order of balance. No longer do we have to resonate with the traumas of our past or the injustices in the world, but we can co-create through the essences healthy, vibrant inner and outer environments. As we shine more brightly our own unique soul patterns into the world, we become a force for goodness. We walk into a room and bless it with our radiance. We literally change the environment for the better by being a part of it! ... "

You can read the complete letter from Steve and Jane here.

This whole day at the Brazilian Flower Essence Therapists National Meeting was, without us planning it consciously, a vast sequence of interweaving teachings. Each speaker was updating and enriching, in an inspiring way, fundamental aspects of flower essence therapy. The information and the flowers presented were being interwoven in a mysterious creative dance and, among laughs of surprise and exchange of looks acknowledging each other, at the end of the day the Spirit of Unity overran the group's soul.

Teaching the therapy of the flowers: the live educational process of the flower essence practitioner

Lizete de Paula, during the first presentation on Saturday, shed light on the subject "education about flower essences and flower essence therapy," sharing with us her experience with a new way of teaching about Bach Flower Essences, based on her own experience as a Healing Herbs authorized teacher in Brazil.

Attunement: the key to the conscious co-creation

The speech that followed, given by Cynthia Accioly Abu-Asseff, deepened one of the subjects that was present in the previous lecture: Attunement. This session combined theory, practices and presentation of flowers that support the awakening processes, strengthen and refine the skills to be consciously attuned to the nature kingdom, and to the client's higher self, as well as to the highest spiritual realms. Participants were led in a confidence-building journey of openness and "tuning" into the perceptions of the subtleties that bring more clarity and understanding to the healing process through flower essences.

Unique associations: how flower essences offer their contribution when used together with other therapeutic practices

After a short lunch break, there was a presentation by four flower essence therapists who use flower essences together with other therapeutic practices. Ana Maria Altenfelder, through the use of resources from Anthroposophy, made a parallel between the use of flower essences together with bodywork; Cristina Minamisawa talked about her experience as a therapist and master in Jin Shin Jyutso, and how flower essence therapy and the practice of Jin Shin can support each other mutually; Fernanda Rocha Leao brought the inspiration of the scents of the purest essential oils and taught us how to use them together with flower essences; and Sandra Siciliano, Feng Shui Master, taught us that we can use flower essences to balance the 5 elements described in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Ana Maria Altenfelder

Remembering who we are and what we came here for

Flowers signaled our paths, assuring us to receive their deep healing and the many dimensions of understanding that studies about them unveil in our lives.

Ruth Toledo Altschuler presented us, in a panoramic view illustrated with practical examples of our daily lives, how we are gradually awakening to a greater awareness of ourselves and of our multidimensionality. With the help of the flowers we can see more and more who we are; we can perceive other spheres, and how we interact consciously with other realms. And we feel responsible for the energy we create in every moment. We see the soul dimension of our client, awakening it to a non-returning journey. Our role as soul counselors practicing Soul Coaching in a deeper level, becomes clearer.

Ruth Toledo Altschuler

A Fire Circle; and an ecstasy moment celebrating the flame the unites us

The day before the last in our meeting was finished with a big circle of fire, where the flame of a candle held by each of us was lit by the flame of the friend on our side. A ritual that reminds us of our own inner light, of our divine being and of how we, through our own shining light, can make the flame of the other shine brighter!

Dr. Bach's thoughts and words opened our Sunday

On Sunday, we started with the participants reading small passages selected from the original writings by Edward Bach. As if a big choir with no previous rehearsal, everyone participating would stand up and read aloud, precious passages previously chosen, which are a legacy from Dr. Bach to us.

Flower Essence Therapy: assisting people in different phases of their lives

Right after, Alicia Vallejo, Olympia Gimenes, Ruth Toledo Altschuler and Thais Accioly Carrazedo presented an excellent work on healing with flower essences at different life stages. Alicia presented first, talking about the elderly and death; Thais taught us about the transformation process in adolescence/youth; Ruth shared a bit more of her experience seeing adults and Olympia brought tears to our eyes telling us her "stories" with children.

Getting started to manifest future goals

On Sunday, after the last break, Cynthia and Ruth guided the participants in a powerful vision circle. After the meditation, lifting us to a consciousness of where life purposes are planned, our goals could be clarified and defined. One by one, each person shared his/her goals within small circles, in a space where trust and mutual support were present. After that, they were powerfully energized by the visualization of the colleagues in the small circle so that they become a manifest reality in the life of each one.

Closing the meeting: the colors of the flowers and our wishes for a better world

Afterwards, with a feeling of completion, everyone went back to their original places in the large circle and prepared for the closing of the First Brazilian Flower Essence Therapists National Meeting. On a fine white, transparent paper we wrote the blessings we wanted to share with our cities, our country, our planet. A final surprise was the almost two hundred multicolored balloons filled with helium gas, unexpectedly brought into our circle! Our written blessings were glued to long silver threads and attached to the balloons. And in the large circle, each person holding his/her balloon, danced the "Springtime Song".
Cynthia Accioly Abu-Asseff, Ruth Toledo Altschuler and Nacib Abu-Asseff (Bibo)—the organizers of the conference  

When the music ended we went to the street and, as one, we all together, offered our blessings to the wind, letting our balloons fly high in the sky, making an awesome spiral of colors and silver glow!

We hope that the magic of such days, sealed by the closing moment, remains as a living and nourishing memory in the heart of each person that could be present; and just like the ripples that grow wider from a small stone thrown in the water, may the therapists, researchers and clients all over the world receive the emanation of all the peace, love, harmony, light and joy generated there!

Please feel free to contact Essencias Florais at If you wish to send a personal message to any one of the teachers, it will be forwarded to that person. (Email messages written in English are welcome.)

Brazilian Pink Angel's Trumpet
Photo by Cynthia Accioly Abu-Asseff


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