Letter from Steve and Jane


Greetings to our Brazilian flower essence family:

We are honored to be part of your gathering and are with you in spirit.

Today (Aug 9) we had a meeting in Montana with all of the people who work here with the Alaskan Flower Essence Project. During our meditation we connected with all of you, and we want to share some of this experience. 

At one point in our meditation we were all feeling the positive impact that flower essences are having around the world. It was a beautiful moment. Afterwards, one person said she saw that what we are all doing is immense—that sometimes she gets caught up in the day to day struggles—but she remembered why we do this work, and how it is benefiting humankind.

We also spent a few moments experiencing the two-way flow of love and gratitude between ourselves and the devas and nature spirits of the essences. We are all doing Gods/Goddesses work—each of us has a different role to play. We are all needed and contributing tremendously to a new way of living life-honoring the intelligence and energy of the other kingdoms. It is a beautiful conversation to be a conscious part of, isn't it?

When we attune to the devas we are also reminded that we are part of the evolution of nature—that the next step for the plant, mineral, and elemental kingdoms is to have conscious, intentional and heart centered connection and communication with the human kingdom.

For over 20 years we have been in the forefront of introducing flower essences into the U.S. Twenty years ago we rarely met anyone who knew what a flower essence was and now the essences are much more well known, respected and loved. In these troubled times, it is such a blessing to have these gifts from nature that can cue our systems to a higher order of balance. No longer do we have to resonate with the traumas of our past or the injustices in the world, but we can co-create through the essences healthy, vibrant inner and outer environments. As we shine more brightly our own unique soul patterns into the world, we become a force for goodness. We walk into a room and bless it with our radiance. We literally change the environment for the better by being a part of it!

Have you seen the book "Messages from Water"? A Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto began to photograph frozen drops of water, and noticed that each drop had a different structure and pattern to it. Water from clear, clean ponds had very balanced, beautiful structures. Water from polluted streams looked very unpleasing and the forms were distorted. He began to play music to the water, and saw that the water resonated with the sounds, and reshaped themselves according to the type of music being played. Next he began to write words such as peace, love and acceptance and tape them to the bottles of water before it was frozen. It is not surprising that beautiful, uplifting words created beautiful, whole, clear crystaline structures. Negative words had the opposite effect, of creating very disturbing and ugly structures. They also prayed to the water, which charged the structure with beauty and vitality. Our feeling is that this book will be one of the things to bring Flower Essence Therapy into the mainstream, once the author makes the connection between our work and his.

We are mostly water, and the energies around us affect our fluid dynamics and reshape us. We have the supreme gift of the essences, blessings in water, that we can take and spray around us to create positive, uplifting blueprints of energy. When we resonate with these patterns, we are like those positive words and sounds influencing the structure of the water we are all composed of and a part of. We radiate this out and become a blessing to the world.

We want to thank you—Cynthia, Ruth, Bibo, and all of the practitioners in Brazil for grounding flower essences there in such a heart centered, mature way. You are a very big inspiration for us in this country. We always tell our students and clients about flower essence therapy in Brazil and they are so impressed and moved by the fact that that this modality has become so anchored in your hearts, lives and culture.

When Jane did an attunement for this conference a few weeks ago, she saw a beautiful green angel of the Ladies' Mantle putting a veil of protection around all of you in Brazil, so the frequency of your alchemical nature is hidden from anyone who could do harm. It is easy to be disturbed by what goes on around us horizontally—with other people, places and things. Let's not forget that we live in a column of nourishment—the vertical dimension of the earth energy flowing up our legs to nourish and support us as the  energy of spirit  pours guidance and protection down through our heads and through our bodies into the earth. That is the dimension where we are always safe and held. The stronger we radiate our love from this alignment, the more impact we have on the world.

This is a precious moment to gather and remember why we are here and what we are doing. At the Brazilian Flower Essence Conference we ended with the song—Love, Serve, and Remember. "Why have you come to earth, do you remember? Why have you taken birth? To love, serve and remember."

Let's do a meditation together to remember why we do this work  of service to serve mankind, to strengthen our bonds, nourish and realign ourselves, connect to the heart of nature and radiate our intention as a group out into the world.

Begin by feeling your body on the earth, sitting on your chair, notice your feet touching the ground. Imagine your feet opening and a flood of energy coming up from the earth through your feet and legs and filling your whole body with nurturing and support. This is the Earth energy, it is always there to nourish us, to comfort us and give us stability, structure and support. We are on a planet that is spinning quickly through the cosmos and yet we never fall off because the Earth is holding us to her body with gravity—her unconditional love for us.

Now feel the energies of guidance and protection from the spiritual world coming in through the top of your head through your body into the earth. This is where we go to connect with our truths, visions and invoke protection and guidance from our Higher Selves and the spiritual world. Our breath connects us to spirit,  notice how your breath is flowing today as a gift from the Angels.

Feel the circle of love we share in our hearts, and with the other flower essence producers and practitioners around the world.

For a moment let's feel the impact that flower essences are having all over the world—helping people, animals, houses, plants.

See how our work is affecting Nature—giving the plants, minerals and elements the opportunity to feel our hearts.

Now feel the two way flow of love and gratitude between your heart and the heart of Nature. Feel how seen, appreciated and loved you are by Nature herself!

Let's really open to be nourished by this information and energy, and assimilate the goodness of the essence of all the work we have done and will do with Vibrational Healing.

Let's share the blessings of this energy with all of our families, friends, and clients.

We ask that this positive, uplifting energy spreads from this room into the town we are in, to the whole country of Brazil. Let it radiate to South America, North America, and throughout the whole planet.

Let us share the blessings with all life everywhere, both seen and unseen.

May all beings be free from suffering, may all beings be at peace, may all beings know the joy of their own true nature, may all beings be healed.


We send our love, gratitude and blessings to all of you, and may the forces of nature uplift, inspire, nurture, support, guide, and protect you always in your journey to love, serve, and remember.


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