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Within the time-honored wisdom of all cultures, flowers have always been cherished as sacramental substances that carry us toward Spirit. Thus, they are used to awaken us to love and marriage, to soothe in times of sadness or sickness, to celebrate in times of jubilation and to sanctify the life passages of birth and death. The research of the Flower Essence Society builds upon this foundation, recognizing that flower essences are not only tools for the body and its work on earth, but are also leavening agents for the soul’s awareness of trans-physical thresholds.

The Blossom as Bridge seminar will explore ways in which we can help ourselves and our clients to incorporate the transcendent message of flower essences. We will examine how we can use flower essences to build a strong, yet free, spiritual identity as a full and functional part of one’s life work and purpose on earth. Likewise, we will investigate the role of flower essences during times of adversity, especially the liminal boundaries of illness and death. Ultimately, our exploration will lead us toward an understanding of how we can guide ourselves and our clients toward an expansion of consciousness that recognizes the spirituality of creation and the knowledge of the Earth as a Living Being.

The over-all purpose of this course is to build on the flower essence therapeutic research belonging to the MetaFlora Map of the Soul, especially Level Six (Saturn archetype of Resolving Karma and Encountering Death, Forgiving and Being Forgiven); Level Seven (Sun Archetype of the Transpersonal Self as the Radiant Core of the Human Soul); Level Eight (the Soul of Nature and its alchemical relationship to the human soul).

For those who have taken our Professional course, the Blossom as Bridge seminar will serve as an enrichment of and expansion of themes introduced then. However, the August course is open to all practitioners; the topics covered will easily be of value and merit to anyone who is aiming to bring depth, meaning and higher awareness to their work as flower essence therapists.

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This seminar is offered as part of the Advanced Studies Certification Program. Read more information about the program here.



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