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I think the Flower Essence Society has been instrumental in the research done into flower essence therapy, bringing so much credibility to it as a healing modality. I am also deeply grateful that you have brought your work to so many countries throughout the world, and especially to children.
— Kailah Eglington, Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK


Thank you for all these wonderful essences and your articles—they are so nurturing and helping me so much.

— N.G.


I admire the work of the Flower Essence Society tremendously, both the dedication and seriousness of the task you've undertaken, which has been so beneficial to so many. I'm particularly struck by all the work you've done with practitioners in less advantaged countries and the immense benefit thus available to people who otherwise would have no recourse to the healing that the flowers so beautifully bring to our souls. Thank you, thank you.
— Caite Bennett, UK


Thank God for you, for all the wonders done through the flowers in many parts of the world, and for the people who continue your ministry in those countries affected by natural disasters. If fills me with joy to know that where my heart and prayers go, the flowers touch the lives of those who suffer in China, Haiti, Brazil, Japan, Angola and other countries.

— Sister Mercedes Reygadas S.H., Homer Glen, IL


As a researcher and director of the Healing Futures Institute, I commend Flower Essence Society for its support for research in the field of flower essence therapy. The Flower Essence Society has always demonstrated its commitment to professional excellence in all aspects of its educational and world-wide relief programs, including the country of Cuba where I worked as an active emissary for the medical community.

— Dr. Beatriz Miyar Consuegra, Crawfordville, FL

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